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Wake In Fright’s Ted Kotcheff Tells Us A Funny Martin Scorsese Story

Ted Kotcheff’s remarkable movie Wake In Fright is a brutal prowl across a battered wasteland. Or you might even say two wastelands: the Australian outback and a man’s broken soul.

Theatrical Trailer For The New Restoration Of Nosferatu

F. W. Murnau’s classic will be back in UK cinemas just in time for Halloween.

Listen: Bleeding Cool Make A Guest Appearance On The Masters Of Cinema Podcast For A Discussion Of Harakiri

And a little bit about Snowpiercer and region coding too.

Masters Of Cinema Announce Oct/Nov Releases – Lang, Mizoguchi, Murnau, Hawks, Scorsese Presents Box-set

And they are another fine selection.

Masters Of Cinema To Release Outback Cult Classic Wake In Fright

“The best and most terrifying film about Australia in existence.” – Nick Cave

A Sneak Peek At The Masters Of Cinema August And September Line-Up

Douglas Sirk, Michelangelo Antonioni, Antonio Campos, Federico Fellini and Maurice Pialat are all set to make an appearance in the coming months.

Masters Of Cinema To Release Computer Chess In The UK

A nostalgic comedy set in the 80s.

Masters of Cinema Monthly May 2013 – Announcements And Roger Ebert’s Great Movies

A Japanese ghost story, a riddle from France, a story of the South Seas and much more.

Masters of Cinema Monthly April 2013 – Le Beau Serge, A New Podcast, Pedro Costa and the Many Faces in The Gospel According To St. Matthew

Including: one good reason you should disobey Stanley Kubrick.

Masters of Cinema Monthly December 2012 – Announcements, Park Row and Trouble in Paradise

Chabrol, Clouzot, Lubitsch and more.

Masters of Cinema May 2012 – Pasolini, Coppola, DeMille & Lang Plus Win! Masters of Cinema Posters

A raft of announcements and lots more besides.

Masters of Cinema Monthly April 2012 – Lifeboat, Pasolini, Lubitsch and The Birth of a Nation

Welcome to Masters of Cinema Monthly. First off let me apologise for the lateness of this month’s column, which was originally intended to be up a couple of weeks ago. Although delayed, by my moving house, the column still has plenty of fresh news …

Masters of Cinema Monthly March 2012 – Insect Woman, Nishi Ginza Station, More Monte Hellman And An Interview With Alex Cox

Welcome to Masters of Cinema Monthly. Last month I brought you news of all the latest announcements from MoC, click back here to find them all. Due to the timing of my column going up though there was one announcement …

Masters Of Cinema Monthly February 2012 – Announcements, Le Silence De La Mer, Punishment Park, The Future Of DVD And An Interview With Monte Hellman

An incredibly full column overflowing with good stuff.

Masters of Cinema Monthly January 2012 – Hitchcock, Two-Lane Blacktop And An Interview With Douglas Trumbull

Welcome to Masters of Cinema Monthly and Seasons Greetings! Masters of Cinema have recently posted their own Seasons Greetings message here with the image above of Hitchcock peeking out from behind a turkey. Most likely an image chosen simply because it’s …

Douglas Trumbull Talks About His Next Space Adventure

Douglas Trumbull’s wonderful directorial debut Silent Running is released on Blu-ray today, its first time in this format. The release is limited edition so don’t hang around if you want to pick one up. You should, it’s great. You can …

Masters of Cinema Monthly December 2011 – Silent Running and Touch of Evil

Welcome to Masters of Cinema Monthly. As this month’s column comes shortly after the previous one there’s not too much MoC news. I’m therefore going to just focus on the two latest releases, the first fruits of MoC’s deal with …

Masters of Cinema Monthly November 2011 – Imamura, Italy and the London Film Festival

Craig Skinner writes for Bleeding Cool. Welcome to Masters of Cinema Monthly, a regular column here at Bleeding Cool dedicated to The Masters of Cinema Series. Every month I shall be writing about the latest Masters of Cinema news and taking a …