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First Trailer For BBC One’s Moby Dick Film The Whale

I wonder if they started filming this before or after Ron Howard announced he was doing The Heart of the Sea.

Rooney Mara And Martin Sheen Set For Near Future Mystery, Trash

Andy Mulligan’s novel Trash is both a mystery and an adventure story set in the near future of an unnamed third world country.

Martin Sheen Bringing Back Uncle Ben For Next Spider-Man Movie

He’s back. As in flashback, most likely.

This Campaign Ad Is A New Mini-Episode Of The West Wing

Non canonical, non partisan political hi-jinks ahoy.

Watch The Brand New Trailer For The Amazing Spider-Man

Rolling out in cinemas with The Avengers is this new trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man. You can download that from Apple. Andrew Garfield is a great big heart on legs. Emma Stone is one of the most charming and idiosyncratic …

The Amazing Spider-Man Is Tidied Up A Little By An Official Blurb

Here’s an orderly and dependable plot blurb for The Amazing Spider-Man, as issued by Sony and piling up across the net (and in my inbox) like wildfire right now. There may not be any bombshells in here, but the strands …

Apocalypse Now: Theatrical Reissue Review

Apocalypse Now is back in UK cinemas from tomorrow, May 27th. Ben Shillito went to re-watch it for us: For a number of reasons, reviewing Apocalypse Now is almost impossible. This film, practically unique in the annals of cinema, has …

Amazing Spider-Man Set Pictures Reveal Key Moment

By their very nature, these Amazing Spider-Man set images are spoilers. Or, to look at it another way, they’re not spoilers at all. It all depends on perspective, I guess – are you at ground level, or sitting on top …

Aunt May And Uncle Ben Found For New Spider-Movie

Spider-Man 3D‘s chief webweaver Marc Webb has selected his Aunt May and Uncle Ben. According to Heat Vision, the lucky winners are Sally Field and Martin Sheen, both favourites of mine. That’s some star power right there – a real …