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What Is Up With Spider-Man’s Villains? And How Many [SPOILERS] Must Die?

I know I’m late to the party on this, but I finally sat down and watched Amazing Spider-Man 2 last night and I had some thoughts about what Sony and Marc Webb are doing with the series and what they might …

Marc Webb Directing Comedy Pilot For Showtime

Marc Webb is returning to his pre-Spidey roots a bit for his next project

What We Loved About The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The moment in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 that I loved more than any other was actually, for once, an example of Peter using his Spider-powers. I don’t think I felt this way about any of the previous Spider-Man films at …

Watch: Spidey’s Big Entrance From The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The first scene in Sony’s new Spider-sequel is a flashback to the Richard and Mary Parker storyline, but once that’s done, the screen is filled with a big, bright red logo. And then… If Marc Webb really wants to have …

Clip: Spider-Man Chases The Rhino And It’s All A Bit Spider-Man 3

This comes from the top of the movie, in those four minutes of screening that we’re told Paul Giamatti will be getting.

I’m Loving This New Clip From The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Plus a second, bonus clip that’s not quite as engaging – at least not out of context.

Marc Webb Is Confident There Aren’t Too Many Villains In Amazing Spider-Man 2

How much of this is PR spin in order to get butts in seats and how much of it is true?

New Clips From The Amazing Spider-Man 2 In The Gwen And Peter Featurette

I guess Spider-Man is happy for everybody to know he’s in love. Foolish boy.

Marc Webb Lines Up Spy Thriller Cold Comfort As First Post-Spidey Gig

Two films in, Garfield is finally signing onto other projects and Webb has found his first non-Spidey film gig in three years as well.

Marc Webb Will Direct The Amazing Spider-Man 3

But Sony has no plans to stop there.

Promo Clip For Spider-Man’s New Year’s Eve Personal Appearance In Times Square

Confetti? Who can resist confetti?

Marc Webb Calls His Spider-Man Films A Trilogy, Andrew Garfield Not Signed For 4th Film Yet

Garfield says he’s signed for three films and that a 4th movie is “nothing to do with me.”

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Teaser Trailer Gets Commentary Track

It seems now that we are getting almost 3 minute teaser trailers… we can now get almost 9 minute commentary tracks. This was released this afternoon by Total Film Magazine and included Mark Webb, The director of Amazing Spider-Man 2, …

A Very Close Look At The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer

Featuring Shailene Woodley as Mary Jane Watson. I’m not joking. She’s right here.

New Amazing Spider-Man Images Take Us To Electro’s Lair And Rhino’s Get Away‏

Bring on the jollity, just make sure there’s enough drama to engage at the same time.

A Whole Supergroup Has Formed To Make Music For The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Now I’ll be singing “And so is Wincey Willis” all night long.

Paul Giamatti Says He’ll Be Bringing The Rhino To The Amazing Spider-Man 2 And 3, Maybe 4

The Sinister Six are definitely coming to the series, I’m one hundred percent clear on that, and it’s actually just a question of when.

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Team Called Back To Script Amazing Spider-Man 3

It’s been demonstrated to me very clearly by people close enough to the production that The Sinister Six are part of the multi-movie arc.