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Machete Kills Again… In Space Trailer

Starring Danny Trejo, Alexa Vega and Lady Gaga as “whoever she wants to be.”

Actress Alex Vega To Release Digital Comic Suicide Layne

Alexa Vega (Machete Kills, Sin City 2) is set to release a new digital comic series called Suicide Layne from Kickstart ComicsĀ (not to be confused with Kickstarter). Vega came up with character while she was working as a child actress …

Lady Gaga Trailer, A ’3D’ Trailer And A Clip From Machete Kills

Machete Kills is not in 3D and neither is this trailer, really. But it does have an amusing gimmick.

Second Red Band Trailer For Machete Kills And New Clip

One of Machete’s big ideas moves, it seems, is to pull out somebody’s intestines and then find some other deadly use for them.

How To Fight A Woman With Guns On Her Boobs – The New Machete Kills TV Spot

This might work. It certainly looks colourful and poppy.

Machete Kills Car Chase Clip – The Woman Are Out To Get Him – TOO LATE

Lady Gaga, Sofia Vergara, Alexa Vega and friends are all on Danny Trejo’s tail.

New Images From Labor Day, Machete Kills And Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

Sofia Vegara, Will Ferrell, Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin all feature in these latest images from Labor Day, Anchorman 2 and Machete Kills.

Machete Kills Clip Showcases Michelle Rodriguez In Action Mode

Rodriguez is a veteran of jackhammer foot-to-booty from countless big screen slamdowns. Her first film was called Girlfight, and so the stage was set.

Two Versions Of The Full, Higher Quality Release Of The First Machete Kills Trailer

Yes, as has been widely noted by the gossip press, Charlie Sheen is using his birth name of Carlos Estevez for this film. Or at least this trailer.

First Machete Kills Trailer Has Leaked

Danny Trejo, Lady Gaga, Amber Heard, Antonio Banderas and a very authentic VHS vibe.

Sofia Vergara Has Gun Breasts In Her Machete Kills Character Poster

Here’s Sofia Vergara as Desdemona. As you’ll see, this is pretty much business as usual for the Machete movies.

Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity And Robert Rodriguez’ Machete Kills Get Release Dates

I imagine these films will be absolutely worlds apart but there’s only a few weeks between them.

Alexa Vega Models Her Machete Kills Bra-And-Chaps Look. Again

Robert Rodriguez puts another young lady in chaps. Have we found his fetish?

New Character Poster For Robert Rodriguez’s Machete Kills Features Lady Gaga In Her Acting Debut

Lady Gaga is … wearing an entire wolf skin.

Sofia Vergara Sasses And Vamps In The First Machete Kills On-Set Footage

Sofia Vergara has pretty much passed me by – and that’s speaking as somebody who has actually met her and mini-interviewed her. She just didn’t make much of an impression on me, and I don’t know why. Maybe if I …

Michelle Rodriguez And Mel Gibson Set For Machete Kills, Rodriguez Also In Fast & Furious 6

Action movies need actors too.

Robert Rodriguez On Directing Sin City 2 And At Least Some Of Machete Kills

Promoting the new Blu-ray and DVD release of Roadracers (buy it, it’s great, and cheap), Robert Rodriguez has spoken about his next few months putting a pair of well-anticipated sequels before cameras, and how incredibly busy he’s going to be. …

First Promo Image For Machete Kills

This sales poster for Machete Kills, the middle part of the planned trilogy, is circulating at the EFM in Berlin.