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Marvel Narrows Down Their Choices For Luke Cage And Jessica Jones

Deadline is reporting that Marvel has narrowed down their search for both Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. There were originally four names, though a fifth has been added to the report, in line to play the former heroine turned private …

Luke Cage May Have Been Cast And We Know Who It Isn’t

There are stranger places to get Marvel casting news than a Reddit AMA, but this falls more into the speculation. During an interview with Reddit yesterday Idris Elba (Thor: The Dark World, Luther) was asked:¬†How quickly can we get you …

Netflix’s Ted Sarandos Talks About Upcoming Marvel Series

Netflix’s Chief Content Office Ted Sarandos chatted with Empire Magazine (hitting the web via CBM) about their upcoming Marvel series Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist and pulling them together for The Defenders. When asked what made them …

Luke Cage – A White Pawn?

Not sure if Eaglemoss Magazines totally thought this one through. Thanks to Chris Thompson…  

Marvel To Shoot Their Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones And Iron Fist Shows In New York City – UPDATED

It’s said that we’ll see around 60 one-hour episodes taking advantage of this deal.

Idris Elba Says That Marvel Spoke To Him About Being Luke Cage, Once Upon A Time

It’s a combination seemingly designed to burn a hole through the geekosphere.

Disney: If Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist And Luke Cage Are Popular On Netflix, They Could Be Feature Films

Also: where do these characters sit on the perceived pecking order of Marvel characters?

New Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Luke Cage Shows Headed To Netflix In 2015


A New, Blacker, Mightier Avengers

We mentioned that something big was coming from Al Ewing at Marvel, the other day. didnt know it was this big. Marvel Comics have announced a new Mighty Avengers comic starting in September by Al Ewing and Greg Land, tying …

The Luke Cage Movie That Quentin Tarantino And Laurence Fishburne Could Have Made

We got Pulp Fiction instead.

Top Ten Couples In Comics – Grace Randolph’s Stacktastic!

Supurbia #2, host Grace Randolph’s original comic book from BOOM Studios, is hitting shelves this week! To get you in the mood, and because you demanded it, she gives you her Top Ten List of Comic Book Couples! Find out …

Whitewashing Luke Cage

From Patrick Willems comes what is clearly an adaptation of the Marvel comic book character Luke Cage. With one or two deviations from the original text.

Idris Elba On What It Will Take For Him To Play Luke Cage

Asked during the ongoing Comic-Con Hall H audience q&a for Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance which comic book character he might like to play, Idris Elba turned to the crowds, adopted a deep tone and said “Luke Cage.” Going into …

VIDEO: Isaiah Mustafa Is Luke Cage In This Unexplained Trailer

I’d be prepared to bet dollars to donuts* that this ‘trailer’ for a Luke Cage film that doesn’t exist was somehow initiated by Isaiah Mustafa himself. If you haven’t been following, Mustafa is the Old Spice man who is variously …

Idris Elba Seems To Confirm Rumoured Avengers Role… Or Will He Be Luke Cage?

When asked by Total Film if he’ll be making any more movies with Marvel Studios beyond next year’s Thor, this is what Idris Elba had to say: I have a picture deal with them. I can’t tell you much about …