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New Disney Animated Movie Isn’t What The Internet Thought

The Internet has been buzzing for sometime that Disney was going to announce Frozen 2 for the planed released date of January 23rd for a new animated film. The Internet was wrong. The film now in that slot is called …

Star Wars: Episode VII Resumes Shooting With Harrison Ford

Filming of Star Wars: Episode VII has resumed after the on-set injury sustained by Harrison Ford stalled filming for a few weeks. According to THR, filming resumed at Pinewood Studios in the U.K. this week. Ford (71) broke his leg …

Extended Trailer For Star Wars: Rebels

Don’t want to wait for the Comic-Con exclusive preview of Star Wars: Rebels? You’re in luck. Lucasfilm and Disney have released an extended trailer for the upcoming animated series. The series takes place between the events of Episode III and IV, and features the …

Phineas And Ferb Meets Star Wars

While Family Guy‘s Blue Harvest retold Star Wars with animated characters, this Phineas and Ferb special smuggles its own characters into the cracks without overwriting anything. These are deleted scenes from Star Wars in effect, a parallel story, just with …

The Millennium Falcon And Another Familiar Ship Turn Up In New Episode VII Set Pictures

Old, old designs are coming back into play again.

What Can We Tell From These New Star Wars Episode VII Set Pictures? – TOO LATE

IMAGES REMOVED BY REQUEST SOME OF THE ORIGINAL COPY FOLLOWS There is a popular misconception that the Star Wars prequels shied away from practical effects wherever possible and dived head first into CG. This myth was certainly boosted by Lucasfilm …

JJ Abrams And An Alien Appear In A Video Message From The Set Of Star Wars Episode VII

Star Wars can do some good, and JJ Abrams is trying to make sure it does.

A Star Wars Spy Reports Chewbacca And Stormtroopers In The Snow

It’s cold out here for a Wookiee.

AVCO – Another Star Wars Episode VII Shooting Nickname (UPDATE)

Lots of movies are shot under another name. Sometimes a nickname, sometimes a way to keep lookie-loos away from the set. Well, Star Wars Episode VII, whatever it will eventually be called is filming, according to the kind of people …

JJ Abrams And Lawrence Kasdan’s Star Wars Video At Least Has Promise

There’s more casting coming. Hopefully soon. Maybe today, before midnight? No such chance.

It’s May 4th, So Here Come Two Star Wars Rebels Trailers

Today was widely anticipated to be the day that Lucasfilm would announce their cast for Star Wars Episode VII but, as you know – you do know, I’m 100% confident of that – the unveiling happened already. And so all …

Disney Stores Take Over Star Wars Day As We Feared

By Jeremy Konrad When Disney purchased Star Wars from Lucasfilm about 18 months (!) ago, it would be safe to assume most people who call themselves fans of The Wars became skeptical about the future of our beloved franchise. Everything …

The Status Quo Of Star Wars Casting Just A Few Days Before The Official Announcement

It’s widely expected that May 4th, the punningly-selected Star Wars day, will see our next official announcements from Lucasfilm on Episode VII.

FOOL: Dark Horse To ‘Scorch Earth’ Star Wars On Their Way Out

Dark Horse Comics will finish publishing their Star Wars line of comic books, as Disney-owned Lucasfilm move the license to Disney-owned Marvel Comics. But on their way out, I understand Dark Horse plan to run some plot lines that will …

Marvel Comics Met With LucasFilm Last Week

I hear gossip that that Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso, and executives CB Cebulski and Jordan D White visited LucasFilm last week for discussions about Star Wars comics. I’m told that we’re looking at a couple of monthly series but creative …

A Shortlist Of Actors For Star Wars Episode VII’s Good Boy Jedi Hero

If this intel is correct, the lead of Star Wars Episode VII is a young male Jedi and he’s not amongst the offspring of Luke, Leia or Han Solo.

Things To Do In Paris If You Like Star Wars – Explore Lucasfilm Archive And Design Your Own Hero

By José Luis del Río Fortich The STAR WARS Identities exhibit has opened in Saint Denis, Paris. At the exhibition you can follow the evolution of your identity based on Star Wars characters. At the entrance you get an audio-guide …

Report: Jack Reynor Cast In Star Wars Episode VII

Will be seen on screen with Transformers this summer but you can already check him out in Lenny Abrahamson’s sublime What Richard Did.