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FOOL: Dark Horse To ‘Scorch Earth’ Star Wars On Their Way Out

Dark Horse Comics will finish publishing their Star Wars line of comic books, as Disney-owned Lucasfilm move the license to Disney-owned Marvel Comics. But on their way out, I understand Dark Horse plan to run some plot lines that will …

Marvel Comics Met With LucasFilm Last Week

I hear gossip that that Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso, and executives CB Cebulski and Jordan D White visited LucasFilm last week for discussions about Star Wars comics. I’m told that we’re looking at a couple of monthly series but creative …

A Shortlist Of Actors For Star Wars Episode VII’s Good Boy Jedi Hero

If this intel is correct, the lead of Star Wars Episode VII is a young male Jedi and he’s not amongst the offspring of Luke, Leia or Han Solo.

Things To Do In Paris If You Like Star Wars – Explore Lucasfilm Archive And Design Your Own Hero

By José Luis del Río Fortich The STAR WARS Identities exhibit has opened in Saint Denis, Paris. At the exhibition you can follow the evolution of your identity based on Star Wars characters. At the entrance you get an audio-guide …

Report: Jack Reynor Cast In Star Wars Episode VII

Will be seen on screen with Transformers this summer but you can already check him out in Lenny Abrahamson’s sublime What Richard Did.

Two Trailers From Star Wars Rebels With Actual Footage, Highlighting Some Of The Lead Characters

The first of these is the “spark” trailer, and then there’s the “ignite” one. You won’t miss the messaging.

Former LucasFilm’s Art Director, Gary Winnick, Gives You Bad Dreams In April

Last year, Gary Winnick, ex of Lucasfilm, talked to Bleeding Cool about his Kickstarter project to get his comic book Bad Dreams up and running. Looks like it worked. Out from Red 5 Comics in April… From the co-creator of …

More Star Wars Episode VII Plot And Cast Details – Michael Fassbender, Hugo Weaving, Adam Driver In Contention

New characters being written in, old characters getting more screen time and a revamped casting wishlist.

Latest Star Wars: Rebels Promo Video Puts Simon Kinberg In The Spotlight

If Star Wars succeeds in this next, Disney-powered generation, Kinberg will be due some of the credit. Of course, there’s a flip side to that equation too…

Read The Script Pages Being Used In The Star Wars Open Auditions

I guess there’s a remote chance that the following indicates some of the action in Episode VII, more likely that it’s just a barometer of the two lead characters.

Former Lucasarts Art Director Wants To Share His Bad Dreams

Gary Winnick writes for Bleeding Cool: Hi! I’m Gary Winnick, the co-creator of Lucasfilm’s Maniac Mansion and Art Director of Lucasarts for its’ first decade. I’ve worked at a lot of high profile companies over the years. But working for …

Official: Star Wars Episode VII Set For December 18th 2015 – And In 3D Too

Disney have officially announced that Tomorrowland will take the May 22nd 2015 release window that quiet whispers had pegged as the launch date for Star Wars: Episode VII. That film will now roll out on December 18th 2015. Disney’s Alan …

Weekend Viewing: George Lucas Interview From The Lucasfilm Vault

George Lucas discusses casting Carrie Fisher.

New Star Wars Script Being Rewritten By JJ Abrams And Lawrence Kasdan

Including the official statement from Lucasfilm.

Original Trailer For Revenge… Er… Return Of The Jedi Is Reissued Amidst Episode VII Rumours

First of all, let’s flashback to the pre-release publicity for Return of the Jedi. Here’s a teaser trailer for the film, from before the title switch.

New Darth Vader TV Shows Set For Next Spring, Episode VII For Spring-Summer 2015

Plus other interesting details on Lucasfilm’s plans for Star Wars over the next couple of years.

Original Teaser Trailer For Empire Strikes Back Is Like A Primitive Ralph McQuarrie Motion Comic

And yes, I do think the official Star Wars channel is going somewhere with all of these teasers…

Video: Another Star Wars Rebels Promo Video With Behind The Scenes Details

They’re busy making more Star Wars for us.