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All The DC Comics November Lego Covers (Update)

Breaking all over the place right now, DC Comics will be doing Lego-themed variants for November.  These will include: Action Comics #36 Aquaman #36 Batgirl #36 Batman #36 Batman & Robin #36 Batman/Superman #16 Catwoman #36 Detective Comics #36 Flash …

You Can Help Make A Doctor Strange Lego Set A Reality

Did you know there is a website where people floats out ideas for Lego sets and if they get enough backers, 10,000, then Lego takes a serious look at them? I had no idea until recently. Now up on the …

Lego Recreate The Star Wars Read-Through With Some Nice Jokes And References

One of the most seen photographs of 2014 is undoubtedly the official shot of the Star Wars: Episode VII cast and crew read through. In nerd terms, it won’t get bigger than that. But it did just get a lot …

Enter The Ninjago Clip – Our First Taste, It Seems, Of Warner Bros.’ Next Lego Movie

As well as two ‘vanilla’ Lego movies, Warner Bros. also have the rights to create a Ninjago movie. That one should be next. Judging from this new special feature clip, from the Lego Movie DVD and Blu-ray, it will be …

Will Marvel Superheroes Appear In The Lego Sequel? Doesn’t Sound Like It

I’m not at all surprised by this but, for the sake of crossing Ts and dotting Is, here’s the word. Coming Soon asked Phil Lord and Chris Miller if we could expect Marvel superheroes in the next Lego movie. There’s …

The Announcement Trailer For Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

The Legofication of DC’s superheroes has worked pretty well so far. There’s a lot you can get away with in this style, including Batman and Superman bantering in space. They don’t need to show us the gameplay because we can …

Full Trailer For The Simpsons’ Lego Special, Brick Like Me

There’s some crossover with The Lego Movie there – just a little, conceptually.

Rocket Raccoon And Groot Get Their Own Team-Up In July – Lots Of Pictures And Variant Covers

Guardians of the Galaxy: Galaxy’s Most Wanted is a new one shot from Marvel for July by Will Corona Pilgrim and Andrea Di Votti, starring Rocket Raccoon and Groot. It also comes with a reprint Thor #314, featuring Drax. It will accompany the …

Legos Taking Over The World… Or At Least The Best Seller List

With the success of The Lego Movie, it’s not surprising that the toy line would be doing well. But now we get word that the graphic novels published by Papercutz are doing very well too. The lastest volume of Lego …

Excellent First Images Of Lego’s Duplo Super Heroes‏

Got a pint sized cape fan in your family? Then I expect you’ll be buying these soon.

Lego Now Accepting Doctor Who Designs For Their Cuusoo Projects

Oh… and you know what? This might might might just make it possible for The Doctor to turn up in the Lego Movie sequel. That could be fun.

Warner Bros. Have Announced The Lego Movie 2 For May 26th 2017 – Over Three Years Away

Obviously understanding the time it’s going to take to do this right, Warner Bros. have announced that their sequel to The Lego Movie won’t be in US cinemas for over three years.

Official Images Of The Lego Ghostbusters Set Are Very Convincing‏

We can now see just what will be packed in with the Ecto-1 and Ghostbusters set when Lego release it this June.

Stars Of The Lego Movie Try To Think Of Their Favourite Movie Moments

It takes them a while but they eventually come up with some examples.

The Big Screen’s Latest Batman Has A Few Words Just For You

There’s an interesting story behind this video, but now is not the time to tell it. Right now, just… enjoy it for what it is. It’s Batman.

Two More Lego Movie Promos – One With Green Lantern, One Working The Superman Angle

Well played, Warner Bros.

Lego Announce Ghostbusters Set With Ecto-1, Coming Later This Year

The final release version of Lego’s Back to the Future Delorean didn’t quite match up to the original, user-submitted design from the Cuusoo initiative. At least, not to my eye – but we’re all nerds living in a world where …

Thursday Runaround – Wayne Manor In Lego, Hawkeye In Cake

HAWKCAKE What kind of cake to make for a 25 year old geek. I wish I had at any point in my life had such a cake. CINEMATIC VISION Kevin Maguire puts the Marvel Studio actors to work. Y: THE …