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Si Spurrier Answers Accusations On X-Men: Legacy – Marvel AR

From the Marvel AR at the end of X-Men: Legacy #1, in case you don’t have smartphone/tablet access, Si Spurrier answers his critics. Followed by editor Daniel Ketchum interviewing his mother about the cover…    

Tron Enhanced Digital Comic Treats Readers Like Simpletons

Disney has launched a very swish HTML5 enhanced comic book format for its new Tron: Legacy online comic, launching today. It’s meant to only work on Internet Explorer 9, but it seems fine on Google Chrome (and dead on Firefox), …

The Trailer For Tron Uprising Is All A Bit Flashy

Here’s the trailer to next year’s Tron Uprising TV Series, a prequel to the recent Tron Legacy movie… It’s full of sound and fury. I wonder what that will signify.