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All The World Really Is A Stage In The Show – On Set With Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins’ His Heavy Heart

It’s a very unusual experience to be a viewer of a film project, from a distance, and to write about it, and then suddenly find myself dropped into the midst of the completion of the project and see it happening …

Khandie Khisses Stars On The Front Of Alan Moore And Mitch Jenkins’ Jimmy’s End DVD/Storyboard/Script Package

We couldn’t be more proud.

Bleeding Cool Challenge: Redesign Khandie Khisses

Last week’s Bleeding Cool Challenge, creating the as-yet-unseen second half of the DC gatefold covers in April was a big hit. So obviously we were going to try it again. Khandie Khisses is a British burlesque dancer, ex-Royal Air Forces, …

Alan Moore To Create A Social Network?

Tomorrow’s Observer newspaper will feature a sprawling interview and feature with Alan Moore. In which we learn about his great-grandfather, Ginger Vernon, who “used to trade caricatures for pints in the pub.” He hates being coerced, whatever the financial incentive, …

Video: Alan Moore’s Act Of Faith And Brendon And Rich Review Jimmy’s End

We went into the world of Alan Moore’s new film and survived to argue about it afterwards. Or did we?

Teaser For Alan Moore’s New Film, Jimmy’s End

First moving footage from the first Alan Moore film produced with his involvement.

First Storyboard Frame From Alan Moore’s New Film – And More

One frame from the storyboard for Jimmy’s End, Mitch Jenkins‘ new film written by Alan Moore. Photographer Mitch Jenkins has been working on a number of projects with Moore. I first mentioned his graphic novel adaptation of Alan Moore’s graphic …