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The Following Casts Its Next Villain And He’s Almost Human

Fox has found its villain for the third season of The Following. The first season of the Kevin Bacon lead thriller focused on serial killer Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) with the second season expanding out from there but still involving …

What Did Kevin Bacon Think?

If you’ve seen Guardians of the Galaxy, you know that there is a Kevin Bacon reference in the movie. Not completely surprising since director James Gunn previous movie Super had Bacon in it (along with Michael Rooker). Now Bacon congratulated …

The Following’s Third Season – Ryan Hardy Finally Has Happiness, But He’s Going to Have to Fight Really Hard to Keep It

Abigail Raney writes for Bleeding Cool: Or, as Kevin Bacon explained it, the smoother a lake is, the more ripples you can cause by throwing a giant rock into it. The lake is apparently Ryan Hardy, one year after the …

Kevin Bacon Tells People On The Street That He’s The New Doctor Who

Kevin Bacon has been making England his home of late. And filming commercials for mobile and broadband provider EE.

The Week In TV Ratings – Up With Hannibal, Down With The Following

Also, why Nikita is returning for fourth season!

The Following Finally Begins, Last Resort Finally Ends, Nikita Earns A Season High – This Week In TV Ratings

Plus: How SHIELD could change ABC’s schedules in a meaningful way.

Extended Trailer-Promo-Thing For The Following With Kevin Bacon

Serial killer thriller for midseason. Looking good.

Video: Preview Special For The Following With Kevin Bacon And James Purefoy

We already called it the best TV pilot screened at Comic-Con last year.

The Following, Cult And 666 Park Avenue Pilot Episode Capsule Reviews From Comic-Con

More pilots.

Netflix Is Live Now In The UK At £5.99 A Month – But Does It Pass The Bleeding Cool Tests?

Netflix UK is live now, and priced at £5.99 per month, with a 6.99 Euros per month package also available in Ireland. By linking to a Facebook account you can get a month long free trial. But… is it worth it?

Let’s Have Another X-Men: First Class Trailer

Time for more X-Men: First Class. What sets this new trailer apart from the others? Kevin Bacon‘s Sebastian Shaw using his rather striking mutant power. Still looking good.

X-Men: First Class Clarifications And Explanations From Matthew Vaughn

First Class master Matthew Vaughn has some tidying up to do for those who haven’t been listening and instead just sat at the back, sniggering and passing smart-ass notes back and forth. He’s going to make plain some of the …

X-Men Clues Or Mutant Red Herrings?

If you google X-Men: First Class on a regular basis, you’ll find all sorts of rubbish in ready supply. There are even torrents out there purporting to offer the film to over-keen pirates. Amid the out-and-out dreck, however, there’s the …

First Image From Crazy, Stupid Love With Steve Carell And Ryan Gosling

Recently postponed from Spring until Summer, Crazy, Stupid Love is the next picture from Glenn Ficarra, John Requa and Dan Fogelman. Between them they’ve been responsible for Bad Santa, I Love You Philip Morris and Tangled. Add to this the …

Moral Issues And Colourful Costumes In The First Clip From James Gunn’s Super

Finally, a look at Ellen Page in her girl wonder costume in the first clip from James Gunn’s Super. Page’s character is (while in costume, at least) called Bolty, and she’s the sidekick to Rainn Wilson’s The Crimson Bolt. She …

Rumourous Growths: Is Kevin Bacon’s X-Villain Sebastian Shaw?

There’s a lot of dodgy-sounding rumours out there and, frankly, it can be good fun to shovel them about a bit. First, though, here’s a reminder of what it always says at the bottom of the site: Disclaimer: This site …

Kevin Bacon For X-Men: First Class Mysterious Villain

I can’t think of an obvious villain in the X-verse that might fit Kevin Bacon perfectly, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t take up such a role anyway. He’s sheer class, and now – get ready – he’s First Class. …