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Report: JJ Abrams And Kathleen Kennedy Want Star Wars Episode VII Pushed Back To May 2016

Let’s boil this down to it’s bones. Latino Review are saying that JJ Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy would rather have more time to get Star Wars: Episode VII ready and prefer the idea of releasing on May 4th 2016. Meanwhile, Disney’s …

This Really Seems To Be Star Wars: Episode VII Concept Art And It Seems To Feature The Millennium Falcon

It might just be pareidolia but I think I can also see some guy with a bald pink head.

New Star Wars Script Being Rewritten By JJ Abrams And Lawrence Kasdan

Including the official statement from Lucasfilm.

Confirmed: John Williams To Score The Next Three Star Wars Films UPDATED With Video

Kathleen Kennedy confirmed that Williams will be working on the next three Star Wars films.

Lucasfilm Announce That Star Wars Episode VII Will Be Filmed In The UK

Including a quote from George Osborne.

So JJ Abrams Has Committed To Star Wars… But Not The 2015 Release Date

Star Wars takes as long as Star Wars takes.

Lucasfilm’s Quoteful JJ Abrams’ Announcement, Lawrence Kasdan And Simon Kinberg “Advising”

Quotes from all and sundry. And all’s dog and sundry’s mother.

The Lucasfilm Videos: How Kathleen Kennedy’s Deal Went Down

The conversation continues.

Video: George Lucas And Kathleen Kennedy Continue To Drip Feed Star Wars Info

Part two in an ongoing series of Star Wars discussions between the creator and the new producer.

Star Wars Report: Lucas Met With Director Colin Trevorrow About Directing Episode Seven

Colin Trevorrow said to be on George Lucas’ shopping list for Star Wars 7.

Star Wars Sequel Facts And Fiction – What We Know For Sure About Episodes 7,8 And 9

Based on books? Tying into the saga how? The answers were out there – and so, now, they’re in here.

Tintin 2 To Go Into Production In The Summer? Jurassic Park 3D Re-Release On The Cards?

In order to promote War Horse, producer Kathleen Kennedy has been doing the junket rounds. I’ve only read one interview so far, but it’s such good value in a “headline” sense that I expect we’ll be seeing her name spread …