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Zoe Saldana And Karen Gillan Face Off In Guardians Of The Galaxy Fight Choreography‏

James Gunn is making the most of additional photography and adding new material to Guardians of the Galaxy.

One Too Many Cracks in This Mirror: A Review of Oculus

By Hashim Hathaway [*Warning: Spoilers below for the film!] Karen Gillan is going to be a star. Unfortunately, you’re going to have to wait until the release of Guardians of the Galaxy later this summer to see the former Doctor …

New Look At Karen Gillan As Nebula In Guardians Of The Galaxy

The director captioned the photo “our interplanetary Clint Eastwood.”

First Ever Picture Of Eleventh Doctor And Amy Pond

The real first ever image of Smith and Gillan on Who duty, taken during their costume tests.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall – First Trailer For Oculus With Karen Gillan And Katee Sackhoff‏

Well, that’s very nicely photographed. Let’s give it a go.

Driving Karen Gillan Mad, But It’s All For Her Own Good – The Trailer For Not Another Happy Ending

This Scots romcom has a novel premise. Ahem.

Karen Gillan In Trailer For A Touch Of Cloth III

We’ve only just seen Sky One’s second double episode set of A Touch of Cloth and already we’ve got a trailer for the third. And this one has Karen Gillan in it. With hair. A Touch Of Cloth was created …

Know Your Guardians – Nebula

With all the news coming out of the San Diego Comic Con over the last two weeks, I had to focus on those stories and put Know Your Guardians on a bit of a break. But now I’m back to …

Who Won San Diego Comic Con? We Have The Answer – And Everything Comic-Related Bleeding Cool Got Up To In One Massive Post

Data courtesy of Bleeding Cool’s Mark Seifert, based on some serious jigging around with Bleeding Cool page views. With the films and TV, Marvel won San Diego. Without them, it was an easy win for DC Comics. They say that …

Karen Gillan And Nebula – Tuesday Trending Topics

I love the smell of back issues in the morning. And pretty much any other time. BC Mag’s Vintage Paper column will be devoted to this year’s Hall H Effect on the vintage comics market in the upcoming issue (which …

Marvel Owns Angela – But No, Karen Gillan Won’t Be Playing Her In Guardians Of The Galaxy

With Angela making her first appearance in the Marvel Universe in today’s Age Of Ultron #10, I was curious as to how that visit might be recorded in Marvel’s copyright indicia. Take a look. Not a mention. I checked in …

Karen Gillan As Angela – How Journalism Works

Just like that time Princess Diana almost became a character in X-Statix comics.

Karen Gillan Is “Lead Female Villain” For Guardians Of The Galaxy

Karen Gillan has been cast in James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy, and judging solely by her hair colouring alone, she’s likely to be playing Malevolence, daughter of Mephisto.

When Karen Gillan Retweeted Kieron Gillen

 Karen Gillan. Kieron Gillen. The comparison has been made. Much as it has been between 2000AD editor Matt Smith and, well, you know. And so, anyway, at some point Sean Azzopardi put this together. And then today, this time it …

Do You Miss Karen Gillan Already? Here’s Our First Look At Her In Oculus

After Amy Pond, an evil mirror and Prince Charming.

The Angels Take Manhattan – Official Blurb And Piles Of Doctor Who Pictures

Get ready to say goodbye to the Ponds. With tears in your eyes?

Pond Life Part Three – Does This Actually Move The Plot Forward At All?

More Ponds. And somebody on the loo with their trousers up. What are they doing in there?

When Peri Met Amy – Last Night At The BFI

Nicola Bryant played Doctor Who companion Perpugilliam Brown on in the eighties, opposite Peter Davison and Colin Baker. She’s now the partner of Nev Fountain, a fellow I used to know when we both wrote for BBC Radio 4′s Weekending show. …