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Leonardo Dicaprio And Jonah Hill Reuniting On Biopic Of Atlanta Olympics Hero-Turned-Suspect Richard Jewell

The film is intended as a cautionary tale about the danger of the rush to judgement and “trial by media” in the era of the 24-hour news cycle.

Green Band Trailer For 22 Jump Street

Maybe it is the vulgarity in these films that make them so funny.

First Footage From The Set of 22 Jump Street With Channing Tatum And Jonah Hill

Warning: This video is a bit annoying.

First Clip From Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf Of Wall Street

It’s not easy having more money than you know what to do with.

Rumour: Emma Stone And Jonah Hill Allegedly Offered Roles In Ghostbusters 3

Who the heck are Jeremy and Anna?

Lego Movie Casting For DC Comic Book Characters Revealed At Comic-Con

We knew that Channing Tatum is playing Superman, but I think it’s news that Jonah Hill is Green Lantern and Cobie Smulders is Wonder Woman in Phil Lord and Chris Miller‘s Lego Movie. Other Lego characters will appear, but the …

This Is The End — The Bleeding Cool Review

What can you say about a madcap comedy about the End Of Days that stars just about everyone? If you’re Michael Moran, quite a bit. Apparently.

Trailer: Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf Of Wall Street With Leonardo DiCaprio

There might be some confusion, thanks to the all-styles blender that constitutes fashion today, but The Wolf of Wall Street is set in the 80s.

Quick, Before Everybody Spoils It For You – Guess The Title Of The 21 Jump Street Sequel

Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum will be coming back; the storyline will see them infiltrate a college, rather than a high school; and directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller will most likely direct again.

Red Band Trailer For This Is The End – The Apocalypse Comes To James Franco’s Party

It looks like Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg might just have the final word in Hollywood navel gazing.

Win! A Prop From Ben Stiller Alien-Invasion Comedy, The Watch

Movie prop giveaway time.

Red Band Clip From The Watch Shows You What They’re Doing With Richard Aoyade In This Film

How to say cool swears in American.

First Clip From The Watch: Vince Vaughn Knows It’s Going To Be Okay Because He Can Feel The Steel Right On The Tip

Boys will be boys.

All New Trailer For The Watch Is Their Best Promo Yet

I’m looking forward to The Watch a great deal. Two main reasons: it looks really very funny, and I want to see how they resolve the… er… political issues apparent in these trailers. Shoot the aliens! Kill them!

Another Funny Trailer For The Watch – A Peek At An Alien And A Confusing Punchline

The last trailer for The Watch was profane and silly and very funny, but here’s a more family friendly promo for the film. It gets going after 1 minute 50 some seconds of Vince Vaughn and Conan O’Brien having a …

Martin Scorsese Adds Jonah Hill To Leonardo Di Caprio For The Wolf Of Wall Street

The next feature film to get rolling before the big-browed eyes of Martin Scorsese will be The Wolf of Wall Street, an adaptation of Jordan Belfort‘s memoirs, recounting his explosive life of white collar crime. Freshly added to the movie’s …

Very Funny Red Band Trailer For The Watch, Formerly Neighbourhood Watch

Hey guys – stop talking about cum for a second, I found something.

Max Landis Spills Lots Of Chronicle 2 Details, More On His Many Upcoming Films

I’d guess Max Landis must eat 4000 calories a day just to keep functioning.