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“Substantially Longer” Director’s Cut Of A Good Day To Die Hard Planned

I was remiss in not posting this a couple of weeks back but it just crossed my mind again, I realised it had yet to “go wide” and so I thought I’d share it. Why not? So… here’s the short …

Win! Tickets To The London Premiere Of A Good Day To Die Hard

Make Thursday February 7th A Good Day by winning yourself a pair of tickets to the London premiere of the new Die Hard.

Next Die Hard Pleases Fans With An R Rating

No need for melon farming on a Good Day to Die Hard.

A Good Day To Die Hard – Two TV Spots, Revised IMAX Info

Knock knock.

A Good Day To Die Hard – New Trailer

Yippee-ky-yay, John McClane is back. And this time it’s a family affair.

A Good Day To Die Hard – Bruce Willis Set Pictures And Amusing Logo

You won’t be at all surprised by Bruce Willis‘ clothing in these first set pictures from A Good Day to Die Hard. Well, perhaps the quantity of clothing. Who’s prepared to bet that he’ll strip a couple of these layers …

Die Hard 5 Gets Its Little ‘Un: First Look At John McClane With Son Jack

I don’t suppose they could really give John McClane a son with flowing locks, could they? I bet there’s a nice white vest under there somewhere, though.

Die Hard 5 Could Get An Interesting Director, But I Almost Hope Not

Once upon a few months back, Noam Murro was attached to direct Bruce Willis in┬áDie Hard 5, but he soon left for green screen-er pastures and the 300 sequel. Fox have since been drawing up lists of replacements they’d like …

Ice Road Truckers Claim The Wages of Fear

Behind Enemy Lines and Max Payne culprit John Moore is currently working on a comic book called Dead Soldier for Liquid, and like all Liquid titles the idea is apparently to use the comic as a launch pad for a …