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Penny Dreadful Promo: Ten Years Of Genre Classics – Dracula, War Of The Worlds, Dr. Moreau And More

On the literary roots of John Logan, Sam Mendes and JA Bayona’s new Showtime series.

First Proper Teaser For Penny Dreadful – Eva Green Goes Wild For The Cross

Did somebody say “psycho-sexual”?

Report: Miss Moneypenny To Be A Field Agent, Not Stuck Behind A Desk In Next James Bond Movie

Naomie Harris is about to launch into doing press for Mandela: The Long Walk To Freedom so I dare say she’s going to face a lot of repetitive questioning about this.

The Orphanage’s JA Bayona To Direct Sam Mendes And John Logan’s Penny Dreadful – UPDATED

The next collaboration between Skyfall’s Sam Mendes and John Logan is to be Penny Dreadful, a victorian era “erotic horror” show for Showtime.

Bond 24 Needs A New Director – Sam Mendes Explains Why He Won’t Be Back

Last we heard he was 75% sure to come back. So why did he turn it down?

Sam Mendes “75 Percent” Set To Direct Next Bond, Two Film Storyline Plans Abandoned

Previous intel on the future of James Bond suggested that John Logan, the screenwriter who finished off Skyfall, had cooked up a two-part storyline. This was reportedly going to be set to be spread across Bond movies 24 and 25.

Frankenstein Show From Sam Mendes And John Logan Headed To Showtime

Showtime are investing in Mendes’ monster mash.

Sam Mendes Co-Created The Idea For The Next Bond Film? Will He Return To Direct?

I’d rather see Sam Mendes direct Bond 24 than anything else, I think.

Sam Mendes And His Skyfall Writer John Logan Planning Dracula-Frankenstein Crossover

Jekyll and Hyde join the back of the queue.

Daniel Craig Dismisses Rumours Of Two-Parter Bond Story

A statement from the man himself.

Next Two Bond Films To Comprise Two Movie Arc, Both Written By John Logan

A two-movie story. Will it be shot back-to-back?

So Who Is Writing Bond 24? And When Will We See It?

Names are getting named and dates are getting dated, but what’s really going on?

Is James Bond Really About To Meet Blofeld Again?

John Logan is one of the many writers on the upcoming Bond film, the one which may or may not take it’s title and/or it’s plot from the novel Carte Blanche. Earlier this week, Logan took part in a BAFTA …

Darren Aronofsky Shopping Package For Biblical Epic Noah

Hannah Shaw Williams writes for Bleeding Cool: Darren Aronofsky is something of a genius when it comes to making huge films on small budgets. His first feature Pi was made for only around $60,000, Requiem for a Dream cost less …