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Goonies 2 And Gremlins Remake Both Promised. Or Threatened, Your Call

Ghostbusters 3 isn’t the only old rehash on deck.

UPDATE: Joe Dante Says Quentin Tarantino Isn’t Going To Play Roger Corman In Biopic The Man With The Kaleidoscope Eyes

Previously, Colin Firth was set to take up the lead role in Joe Dante’s Roger Corman biopic, The Man With The Kaleidoscope Eyes. There’s been a somewhat dramatic change of plans.

Joe Dante’s Roger Corman Biopic, The Man With The Kaleidoscope Eyes, Finally Going Ahead

Also: Brian De Palma is adapting Therese Raquin into a film about filming Therese Raquin.

Report: Gremlins Reboot On The Cards, From Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’s Seth Grahame-Smith

While Joe Dante is off working up a new project with Simon Pegg, his old chums The Mogwai may have found themselves a new master.

Simon Pegg And Joe Dante Teaming Up For MR James Ghost Story

Yes, I know that Drag Me To Hell did some of the same ideas not too long ago. There’s still space for more.

Warner Bros. Planning Gremlins Reboot. Again

Warner Bros. want to get their dormant monster movie series real wet.

Bertrand Tavernier’s Young And Lusty War Film, The Princess Of Montpensier

Joe Dante was so impressed by The Princess of Montpensier, he was moved to send a letter to its director, Bertrand Tavernier. Myself, I thought I’d get him on the phone for a chat. Princess is a very 21st century …

How I Tried To Cure Myself Of My Fear Of Clowns

I’ve always been rather frightened of clowns, and I’ve always been rather frightened of dolls. Watching Joe Dante’s The Hole , I was confronted with not just one or other of those, but both at the same time. Like Poltergeist …

Meet The Hole From Joe Dante’s The Hole

The Hole comes from Joe Dante, the director The Howling, Gremlins, the superb Homecoming episode of Masters of Horror and, to be honest, a whole truck load of films I hold close to my heart. The US is still waiting …

Joe Dante, Vincenzo Natali And More Team Up For Paris I’ll Kill You

Bleeding Cool will later have some exclusive information to share regarding this project, but first I’ll have to lay the groundwork. At next week’s AFM, one of the in-the-works projects being shopped will be horror anthology Paris, I’ll Kill You. …

Narnia Poster, Trailer And Some Very Interesting Rumours About The Film’s 3D

Somewhat mysteriously (not to mention Polishly), the latest Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader leaked its way online at some point in the last few days. To get us all up to speed, here it is, followed by the …

Colin Firth Wants To Play Roger Corman In Joe Dante’s The Man With The Kaleidoscope Eyes

Joe Dante has been developing a comedy film about the making of Roger Corman’s The Trip for some time now. I remember when it was expected to go into production, back in 2007 or so, and Dante promised cameos from …

Poster and Trailer For Joe Dante’s The Hole 3D

Finally coming to UK cinemas on September 22nd and US cinemas… er… um… one day?… is Joe Dante’s The Hole, aka The Hole 3D. That’s really what it says on press materials for the film – The Hole 3D. Where …