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How Could Jeff Robinov Leaving Warners Affect DC Comics?

Nikki Finke has reported that; I’ve learned that Jeff Robinov has decided to leave as Warner Brothers Pictures Group President after months of waiting in vain for Time Warner Jeff Bewkes and Warner Bros Chairman Kevin Tsujihara to offer him a new …

Why Warner Bros. Chose Zack Snyder Over Darren Aronofsky For Man Of Steel

The running to direct Man of Steel and restart the Superman series at Warner Bros. apparently came down to two lead candidates – Zack Snyder and Darren Aronofsky. Why did Snyder then get the job?

Justice League Updates – Nolan Or Bale Officially Not Involved, Man Of Steel Tie-In Teased

And the president of Warner Bros. says that there’s a big announcement coming.

Is Justice League On Ice Until The Man Of Steel Box Office Is In?

Sounds like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and chums are all be doing their best Police Squad freeze frame faces right now.

Big Name Animation Think Tank Gets Warner Bros. Back In The Toon Game

Warner Brothers dust off their feature length animation department.

Warner Brothers Place Producer On Set To Put Mad Max Reboot Back On Track.

Warner Brothers look to put Fury Road back on the …road.

The Flash Movie Has “A Solid Script”, Warners Still Want A Justice League Film

Beyond Green Lantern, Batman and Superman, Warner Bros. still have plans for more DC-derived pictures. Here’s a snippet from the Hero Complex piece we were only just discussing: [Film Group President Jeff] Robinov said the studio has “a solid script” …

Jimmy Kimmel And The Hollywood Superheroes

Here’s the cosplay cover and splash from the new Hollywood Reporter, including this rather telling line from the Green Lantern premiere that Jimmy attended. “Not geeking out was Warners head Jeff Robinov, who said he didn’t follow comics as a …