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Expendables 3 Leaked On-Line 3 Weeks Before Release

According to Variety, the full-length Expendables 3 movie has leaked on-line and has already had 189,000 downloads in 24 hours. The pirated copy is DVD quality and could seriously hurt the box office for the movie. A similar a leak …

Jason Statham Will Return For The Mechanic 2, But Not Transporter 4

Ok, sure, but what about Susan Cooper?

Casting Roundup: Introducing Jason Statham And Melissa McCarthy, Your New Favorite On-Screen Duo

Another movie star bites the dust, which is my new phrase for when a movie star settles for TV work, the most inspired and most random onscreen duo is born, and a new Philip Roth adaptation casts up in today’s …

Homefront Trailer: It’s Jason Statham Vs. James Franco, Screenplay By Sylvester Stallone

Also, the poster for the film which seems to be pitching it as some kind of political allegory.

First Trailer For Hummingbird – A Jason Statham Thriller With Substance?

Writer-director Steven Knight did great work on his screenplays Dirty Pretty Things and Eastern Promises, and I think there’s a good chance that Hummingbird will slot in nicely alongside them.

Parker – The Bleeding Cool Review

Jason Statham is Parker. He doesn’t drive Lady Penelope’s car.

For that, and other shock revelations read Michael Moran’s review

Fast And Furious 6 Big Name Cameo To Set Up Part 7

Paying off a long promise…

Brian Michael Bendis On The Guardians Of The Galaxy Film – Rocket Raccoon’s Voice And Fitting To Tony Stark

This character doesn’t suit Bruce Willis. He’d be the wrong raccoon.

Parker Trailer With Jason Statham, J-Lo, Clown With Shotgun Popping Out Of Trapdoor

Brrrr. Freaky.

Swipe File: Arnold Schwarzenegger And Jason Statham

Expendabuddies make the Swipe File.

First Trailer For The Transporter TV Series

Can you pull this sort of silly off on a TV budget?

The Expendables 2 – The Bleeding Cool Review

The wold’s manliest film gets a sequel. And it’s even manlier. Michael Moran mans up and reviews it. Like a man.

Win! A Bundle Of DVDs Courtesy Of Jason Statham And Safe

Tomorrow sees the latest¬†Jason Statham¬†grizzly hardmanathon Safe open in cinemas across the UK. Perfect timing for a competition, then, so if you’d like to win a bundle of UK, Region 2 DVDs, read on for your instructions. Packed with spectacular …

Safe – The Bleeding Cool Review

It’s a Jason Statham joint. You know what to expect. Michael Moran looks into the subtext and semiotics of a film so manly it’s going to punch you in the face with a fist made of guns.

Fast 6 Crew To Get A Little More Haywire – Gina Carano Joining Up

There’s not a lot known about Fast 6, but what do you want to know? There’s going to be cars, there’s going to be cops and robbers, and there’s more than likely going to be a lot of girls in …

Statham Set To Start Shooting Hummingbird On Monday With Director Steve Knight

The directorial debut of Steve Knight, writer of Eastern Promises and Dirty Pretty Things, is to be Hummingbird, a new Jason Statham thriller. This means that Statham will not only work with Brian De Palma and William Goldman this year, …

They’re Making A Caper Movie About The Theft Of Nicolas Cage’s Action Comics Number One

I’ve learned to lead with the bad news, so here it is: while Nicolas Cage is a character in this story, it doesn’t look like he’ll be playing himself. Now, before you kill the messenger, let’s back up. Back in …

Statham Vs. The Triads In New UK Trailer For Safe – Can Somebody Tell Me What Accent He’s Doing?

Imagine if Mercury Rising had a different balding action star in it. One doing an accent – I just don’t know which one. Now, there was a pretty similar US trailer late last year, but it didn’t roll up on …