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Director James Bobin Discusses Muppets Most Wanted In Depth

This guy knows Kermit the Frog so I definitely wanted to be in with him.

Muppets Most Wanted Director James Bobin Spills Some Muppet Secrets

After everybody else at the junket so painstakingly protected “The Big Muppet Secret,” Most Wanted director James Bobin just went ahead and openly acknowledged it. As he said, he’s one of the few people that can talk about it. Here’s …

Helena Bonham Carter Returning As The Red Queen In Alice In Wonderland Sequel Through The Looking Glass

Alice is back, the Mad Hatter is back, and now the Red Queen is back as well.

TWO New Muppets Most Wanted Trailers – Bigger, Longer, Better Than The Teaser – UPDATED

It remains to be seen if Muppets Most Wanted will be better than The Muppets, but I’ve got a lot of faith in this team.

Another Muppets Sequel Cameo Confirmed – And This One Brings The Fancy Footwork

I think I’ll be keeping the identity of cameo guest stars like this out of the headline from here on out. Help you avoid “spoilers.”

Tom Hiddleston Is The Great Escapo In The Muppets… Again

Also, Dexter Fletcher will be joining in with Peter Serafinowicz.

Peter Serafinowicz Has A Role In The Muppets… Again!

Peter Serafinowicz is a comedian, actor and voiceover artist. In each of those roles he’s probably best known for his twitter feed, Shaun of the Dead and as Darth Maul respectively.

I Know It Seems Unlikely, But This Isn’t Actually Kermit – Set Pictures From The Muppets… Again

Trust me, I know Kermit when I see him.

Muppets Update: First Sequel Image, Official Title And Plot Details

I think Kermit tried to hint at an element of this plotline during an interview I did with him last year.

Tina Fey Negotiating To Star In The Next Muppets Movie

She’ll join Kermit, Piggy, Walter, Ricky Gervais, Gonzo, Animal and all the rest.

Christoph Waltz Likely To Be In The Muppets Sequel After All, Just Not In The Villain Role

He’s in, and he’ll be dancing.

Ricky Gervais Signed On For Lead Role In Next Muppets Film

We pretty much knew this was coming…

Muppet Sequel Interpol Role Goes To Modern Family’s Ty Burrell


Everything We Know So Far About The Muppets 2, Including The First Image

Disney invited my little green buddy and his on-off girlfriend down to Cinemacon this week to make it official. No, they didn’t finally get married* – Kermit and Piggy were there to announce The Muppets 2 and unveil this first …

The Muppets Sequel Has Been Outlined, Will Feature New Characters And Capering

Disney apparently want a sequel to The Muppets ready for next summer. Yeah – they can want that. I want one for when I get back from the toilet in a couple of minutes, but that isn’t necessarily going to …

He’s Not Writing It And Now Jason Segel Says He Won’t Star In The Muppets Sequel Either

Yes, I’m absolutely over the moon that Disney have set James Bobin and Nicholas Stoller to writing a new Muppet movie. Hannah reported the news a couple of days ago and the first place I saw it was here on …

Jason Segel Won’t Be On The Writing Team For The Muppets Sequel

Here’s some good news and some bad news, so let’s start with the good news. Director James Bobin and co-writer Nicholas Stoller of The Muppets have signed a deal to pen a sequel, unsurprising perhaps considering that the movie has …

Watch: A Deleted Scene And Some Special Features From The Muppets On Blu-Ray

Here in the UK, The Muppets is still in cinemas – I know this because I’ve not long got home from a matinee. It was wonderful – again. Do go see it on the big screen if you can because …