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Nicholas Hoult And Eleanor Tomlinson On Jack The Giant Slayer

The actors behind Jack and his regal lady love spared us some words.

When Bryan Singer Convinced Me That Apocalypse Is The Villain Of X-Men: Days Of Future Past

Apocalypse soon. In Days of Future Past, in fact. At least… I think so…

Win! Tickets To A London Preview Screening Of Jack The Giant Slayer

Englanders – you can win tickets to see Jack early.

New Clips From Jack The Giant Slayer Offer A Peek Of Big Action Sequences

Sooner or later Bryan Singer’s Jack the Giant Slayer gets down to action. Big, loud action. Thundering, even.

Bryan Singer Says He Hasn’t Finalised The Mutant Line-Up For Days Of Future Past

Is Storm coming back? Nightcrawler? Anybody else?

Second Full Trailer And Second Clip From Jack The Giant Slayer

Giant portions of Jack.

First Clip From Jack The Giant Slayer And Preview Of The Next Trailer

A rather unfair chase between some giants, with their big ‘ol legs, and some widdle people on widdle horses, with their widdle horsey legs.

Meet The Giants In 5 New Jack The Giant Slayer Posters

Fee, Fye, Foe, Fumm, Fallon.

Full Length Trailer For Bryan Singer’s Jack The Giant Slayer

A fairytale with a slightly irreverent tone. Yes, another one.

Bryan Singer Shares A Giant’s Face And Some X-Men Info

Singer tweets about Jack the Giant Slayer and Days of Future Past.