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JJ Abrams Regrets His Silly Mystery Box Games Over The Villain Of Star Trek Into Darkness

Well, I don’t think anyone’s surprised he regrets the way this all went down, but I have to say I kind of agree with him on this one.

Star Trek Into Darkness Going Cheap Right Now

Pretty hefty discount – so I’ve just stuck it in my cart.

Not-So Mystery Box – Even The Blu-Ray Cover For Star Trek Into Darkness Blows It

This Blu-ray case could honestly be argued to be as big a botch as the “special features situation” also dogging the release.

Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan Comic To Tell The Story Of Star Trek’s Eugenic Wars

Sorry folks, looks like you’re being spoiled whether you like it or not. Benedict Cumberbatch‘s portrayal of Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness is being explored in a new IDW comic called Star Trek: Khan, going back into his history …

Star Trek Into Darkness Live In Concert Is Coming To The Royal Albert Hall

And tickets are on sale now.

When Bleeding Cool Caught Up With Captain Kirk’s Alien Twin Bed Buddies

You may recall a scene in Star Trek Into Darkness where Kirk is in bed with two aliens. With no small amount of awkwardness, these were played by twin sisters.

New Facebook Page Set Up To Help You Spoil Movies For Your “Friends”, Already Doing It Wrong

If you’re going to make it easy for people to spread spoilers about, wouldn’t you want your quality of spoiler to be better than this?

If Anyone Is The Star Of Star Trek, It’s Spock – And Here’s Why

Michael Moran will tell you why Spock shines brightest in the Star Trek universe.

Bleeding Cool Movie Podcast – Star Trek Into Darkness, JJ Abrams Vs. Maya Deren, Konga, Les Miserables

There was one shot in Star Trek Into Darkness that particularly annoyed me, so we talk about that. And also Konga, the B-movie non-classic that I can’t help but recommend.

Quick! Star Trek Into Darkness Preview Tickets Available Now For UK, Australia, Mexico, Germany And France

You might be in time to get tickets to a Star Trek Into Darkness preview. Let us know if you do.

May The 4th: Simon Pegg And JJ Abrams Discuss Star Wars

Some informal banter between a pair of Star Wars fans, ironically filmed as part of the ongoing Star Trek Into Darkness promotion.

There Are Already Plans For Star Trek 3 And They Involve Klingons – But What About JJ Abrams?

And what about Benedict Cumberbatch? Will we be seeing him return?

Star Trek Into Darkness – The Bleeding Cool Review

Michael Moran has been to see the new Star Trek movie for us. His 1,000 word mission – to seek out new ways of telling you what this film’s like without spoiling the plot. To boldly go where no reviewer has gone before.

First Look At A JJ Abrams-Style Klingon Without His Mask On

We’ve known for a long time that there are Klingons in Star Trek Into Darkness. Nobody’s mentioned them much lately, though. Not entirely sure why.

JJ Abrams Expects John Williams To Score His Star Wars Movie

Presumably because Peter Bernstein and Ian Fraser will be busy, JJ Abrams is expecting the score to his Star Wars episode to come from saga stalwart, John Williams.

New Star Trek Into Darkness Clip – And Some Of Its Close Cousins

There’s a certain sort of supervillain showdown we’ve been seeing a lot of lately. Why has this kind of staging become so fashionable? And how is it useful?

Live Now: Streaming Star Trek Masterclass With JJ Abrams – UPDATED

Don’t expect any spoilers, mind. This is Mr. Mystery Box.

New Clip: JJ Abrams’ Star Trek At Its Most Star Wars

In case nobody had pointed this out to you, JJ Abrams’ tastes in space adventure, right down to the fx design and soundscaping of it, err towards the Star Wars side of things.