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When Bleeding Cool Caught Up With Steven Knight To Discuss His Extraordinary New Film, Locke

Tom Hardy fans should absolutely love Locke. I certainly do.

Paul Bettany Is The Vision In Avengers Age Of Ultron, Discusses Role With Jimmy Kimmel

Using the comic book as a hard and fast guide of what he’ll be up to – or, perhaps more specifically, able to do – might not be the best idea.

When Bleeding Cool Met Jared Harris, Star Of The Quiet Ones, Mad Men And More

Harris is in the new Hammer Horror film, The Quiet Ones. He plays an Oxford don driving his students to carry out experiments into the supernatural.

When Bleeding Cool Met Sam Claflin To Discuss Hammer’s New Horror, The Quiet Ones

The star of The Quiet Ones on this film and his other upcoming projects.

Director James Bobin Discusses Muppets Most Wanted In Depth

This guy knows Kermit the Frog so I definitely wanted to be in with him.

In Which I Meet Constantine, The World’s Most Dangerous Frog, And Ty Burrell, Considerably Less Deadly Or Amphibian

Why did I collapse on the set of Muppets Most Wanted and end up in the hospital? Mystery solved.

Muppets Most Wanted Director James Bobin Spills Some Muppet Secrets

After everybody else at the junket so painstakingly protected “The Big Muppet Secret,” Most Wanted director James Bobin just went ahead and openly acknowledged it. As he said, he’s one of the few people that can talk about it. Here’s …

Video: When I Met Kermit And Miss Piggy To Discuss Muppets Most Wanted And Movie Trickery

Not everything in Muppets Most Wanted is as it might first appear.

When Kristen Bell Called Up Bleeding Cool To Chat About Veronica Mars – The Character, The Movie, The Novels

Veronica Mars, in person. Sort of. Close as can be.

Rob Thomas Interview: The New Story, New Style And New Body Of Veronica Mars

Discussing the increase in scope, the new colour palette and Kristen Bell’s curves. Not as awkward as it sounds.

Kim Mordaunt Discusses His Critic And Crowd-Pleasing Coming Of Age Adventure, The Rocket

The Rocket has proven itself to be quite an audience pleaser at festivals and on release across the US. It’s also currently holding a 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes which… well, it means something good, right?

Wake In Fright’s Ted Kotcheff Tells Us A Funny Martin Scorsese Story

Ted Kotcheff’s remarkable movie Wake In Fright is a brutal prowl across a battered wasteland. Or you might even say two wastelands: the Australian outback and a man’s broken soul.

Under The Hood Of Ride Along And Ride Along 2 – Speaking To Will Packer And Tim Story

The new comedy (with action) from the director of the Fantastic Four films and Barbershop. Bonus: a bunch of new details on the sequel.

How To Make Movies The Don Coscarelli Way – The Director Of Bubba Ho-Tep, Phantasm And John Dies At The End

The reason and rationale of indie filmmaking.

When Bleeding Cool Met Ian McShane – Talking About Cuban Fury And Pirates Of The Caribbean 5

Cuban Fury is in UK cinemas now and I enjoyed it a great deal, thanks in no small part to the very fun casting.

On Time Travel Rules, Anthropomorphic Animals, Terry Gilliam And The Magic Of A113 – Rob Minkoff Discusses Mr. Peabody And Sherman

Dreamworks’ latest is out in the UK today. From the director of The Lion King.

The Look Of Vikings – Creating A Sense Of Place, History, Character And Story By Set Design And Decoration

The set design of a film or TV show is both important and difficult to get right. Here’s a little about how they got Vikings just the way they needed it.

The Genius Of Tim Jenison And Teller – Digging Into Tim’s Vermeer With Its Star And Director

A few days ago I was lucky enough to speak with Teller, of Penn &, and Tim Jenison.