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Spending Time As A Sea Elf With Maori Tattoos – Fred Van Lente Talks Roleplaying Games And Being A Writer

By Christopher Helton Fred Van Lente is a multi-faceted writer of comics, including the New York Times Best-selling Incredible Hercules, Marvel Zombies, and Cowboys & Aliens, as well as The Comic Book History of Comics, Archer & Armstrong, Brain Boy, …

Jim Mickle On Cold In July And Remaining Faithful To Joe R. Lansdale

This week I sat down for a chat with Jim Mickle, the director of Mulberry Street, Stake Land, We Are What We Are and now, an adaptation of Joe R. Lansdale‘s Cold in July. Here’s the trailer, to set you …

Kayvan Novak Interview – Cuban Fury, Films For Export, Still Fanta And Pulling My Leg

Kayvan Novak and I weren’t seeing eye to eye from the off. I started our chat by proposing that Cuban Fury¬†wasn’t really that fussed with attracting an international audience. Sure, it’s a light, funny rom-com with Rashida Jones fulfilling the …

Non-Stop Director Jaume Collet-Serra On Liam Neeson And Making Movies One At A Time

Jaume Collet-Serra is currently working on Run All Night, his third collaboration with Liam Neeson. The second was Non-Stop, released this week on DVD, Blu-ray and digital in the US. I had a chat with Collet-Sera last week, and here’s …

Poster And Teaser Trailer For James Franco And Seth Rogen’s The Interview

basically what you might expect from the guys who did Pineapple Express and This is the End and that mock Kanye West video.

Mike Flanagan Discusses Oculus, Somnia And The Themes That Make Horror Movies Connect

Finally out in the UK this week is Mike Flanagan‘s Oculus, a horror film about an evil, manipulative mirror. Karen Gillan and Brenton Thwaites star, but Flanagan himself is the man of the match. He’s written an assured screenplay, staged …

Matt Johnson Discusses His High School Shooting Movie, The Dirties

Several films have sought to put the audience up-close and intimate with high school shooters, from Zero Day to Elephant. Matt Johnson‘s The Dirties¬†is another, and has been one of the best-received yet. I certainly found it a very provocative …

Co-Director Robert Wilson Discusses His Remarkable Kids’ Film, I Declare War

The premise of I Declare War is a simple one: some kids are playing war games in the woods, and we see it how they imagine it. Instead of seeing them holding sticks and throwing water balloons, they’re armed with …

On Set Interview: Elle Fanning Lays Really, Really Still And Talks About Maleficent

Way back in 2012, before all of those months of CG work and post production, we stopped by and visited the set of Maleficent. You can read the full report in the new issue of Bleeding Cool magazine, complete with …

Talking Dungeons & Dragons With Wizards Of The Coast’s Mike Mearls

Mike Mearls is the senior manager for the Dungeons & Dragons research and design team. He has worked on the Ravenloft board game along with a number of supplements for the D&D RPG. In this position he is one of …

Maleficent Interview: Sam Riley On Getting The Tone Right, Learning From Birds And More

One of the more interesting characters in Maleficent is Diaval, her sidekick, or familiar. Sometimes he is a crow, and sometimes he is Sam Riley-shaped.

Discussing The New Godzilla Movie And Comic With Their Creator, Max Borenstein

The man behind the monster sheds insight on his new incarnations, both on screen and comic book page.

When Bleeding Cool Called Bobcat Goldthwait To Talk About Willow Creek

Make the effort to see Willow Creek in a dark cinema with a crowd if you can.

Parkour Legend David Bell On Brick Mansions And His Own Brand Of Action

One of the creators of parkour shows off his skills in this week’s Luc Besson-produced action movie, Brick Mansions.

When Bleeding Cool Caught Up With Steven Knight To Discuss His Extraordinary New Film, Locke

Tom Hardy fans should absolutely love Locke. I certainly do.

Paul Bettany Is The Vision In Avengers Age Of Ultron, Discusses Role With Jimmy Kimmel

Using the comic book as a hard and fast guide of what he’ll be up to – or, perhaps more specifically, able to do – might not be the best idea.

When Bleeding Cool Met Jared Harris, Star Of The Quiet Ones, Mad Men And More

Harris is in the new Hammer Horror film, The Quiet Ones. He plays an Oxford don driving his students to carry out experiments into the supernatural.

When Bleeding Cool Met Sam Claflin To Discuss Hammer’s New Horror, The Quiet Ones

The star of The Quiet Ones on this film and his other upcoming projects.