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Why Guardians of the Galaxy In IMAX May Be The Most (Blockbuster) Fun You’ll Have This Year

By Abdulkareem Baba Aminu When a friend called to say he’s got me a ticket to an IMAX screening of Guardians of the Galaxy, of course I dropped everything and boy, am I glad I did! We all know the …

Guardians Of The Galaxy Has Best Late Night Opening Of 2014

Marvel’s latest venture into the theaters, Guardians of the Galaxy opened up overnight and pulled in $11.2 million making it the highest overnight opening in 2014. It opened in 4,080 theaters and beat out its fellow studio feature Captain America: …

Free IMAX-Only Preview Clips Of Guardians Of The Galaxy Coming To Hundreds Of US And Canadian Cinemas

Marvel have announced 150 IMAX preview sessions of Guardians of the Galaxy on July 7th. You won’t get to see the whole film, just 17 minutes worth, but it’s free and as I said, on July 7th. That’s not much …

Jurassic World To Be Shot On 35mm And 65mm Film – Most Likely For Large-Format IMAX Style Sequences

John Schwartzman is going to shoot Jurassic World.

As IMAX Shares Drop Over Fears About 2014′s Fanboy Films, Some Gravity And Catching Fire IMAX Videos

One of the most popular brands in cinema lately has been IMAX, purveyors of the large-screen, super-loud, wrap around experience.

JJ Abrams Discussing The Possibility Of Shooting Some Of Star Wars In The IMAX Format

Star Wars was my go-to example of cinemascope for a very long time. Back in the 4:3 TV era, my letterboxed VHS tapes of the Star Wars movies were an easy, and easy to find, example of what the wide, …

Grauman’s Chinese Theater Becomes An IMAX Cinema, See A Video Of Its Transformation

Grauman’s Chinese Theater is now the TCL IMAX Chinese Theatre. Find out how they converted this historic cinema and watch it happen.

A Video Demonstration Of How The Wizard Of Oz Was Converted Into IMAX 3D

Not a bad overview, especially for people who know little about 2D to 3D conversions.

The Empire Leicester Square IMAX Is Officially Announced – All The Details I Can Scrounge Up Are Within – UPDATED

It’s going to start off big and then get bigger. And brighter.

Two New Ender’s Game Promos – Including A Dog Fight Tailor Made For IMAX

There’s a lot more Ender’s Game to come in the next few days, and I have to say, I’ll particularly interested to see if the panel disucssion goes anywhere near the Orson Scott Card controversy.

Elysium To Be “Remastered” For IMAX, Will Hit Worldwide On August 9th

Neill Blomkamp’s sophomore effort should be one of the highlights in my movie going summer, and as of today, it looks like I have another, rather large viewing option.

The Trailer For The IMAX 3D Re-Release Of The Wizard Of Oz… Small And In 2D

The most obvious decision the stereographers might have taken is to tie in the amount of volume to the change from sepia to colour.

Classic Wizard Of Oz Headed To IMAX, See The Lavish Packaging Of 3D Blu-Ray Version

Ahead of tomorrow’s official announcement, here are Warner Bros.’ plans for re-releasing Victor Fleming’s 1938 version The Wizard of Oz later this year, its 75th anniversary.

UK Cinemas Selling Tickets For Midnight Screenings Of Iron Man 3 Already

Midnight screenings don’t generally seem to be as popular in the UK as in the US, but I think Iron Man might draw some crowds.

Looks Like James Bond Is Finally Going 3D This Year, And Dr. No IMAX Re-Release Planned?

Clues seem to be pointing towards a widespread, official re-release for Dr. No in 3D.

Tickets Now On Sale For Early IMAX Screenings Of Star Trek Into Darkness

These things are going to sell out fast, I think.

America To Wait A Little Longer Than Everybody Else For Iron Man 3 In IMAX And IMAX 3D

So we win again.

I Was Right And Wrong – A Good Day To Die Hard Is Coming To IMAX, New Video Featurette, Poster

Will play in IMAX a week ahead of its regular release.