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Public Service Announcement About Binge Watching Television Programs

Entertainment Weekly is very concerned about the new habit of binge watching seasons of television. They have gathered together stars of the shows most often watched in large chunks and had them put together a collection of dos and don’ts.

House Of Cards Renewed For Season 3

Long live Frank Underwood.

Newest Trailer For House Of Cards Season 2

Thirteen new episodes will be released on February 14th, so now is the time to break up with your significant other in order to get out of those pesky Valentine’s Day plans.

Netflix Have Added Director’s Commentaries To The First Season Of House Of Cards

I just jumped into the first episode, adjusted my audio option and, poof, there was David Fincher.

Netflix To Offer House Of Cards And More In 4K

Thanks to a new, high efficiency HEVC codec, Netflix will be able to start offering product in 4k during 2014.

First Trailer For House Of Cards Season 2

May your Valentine’s Day be filled with the best kind of binge-watching.

First Teaser For Second Season Of Netflix’s House Of Cards‏

Amongst the directors for the second run of House of Cards are James Foley, Jodie Foster and Carl Franklin.

Netflix’s Gamble On Original Content Appears To Be Paying Off

It’s a long term strategy but it appears to have short term benefits too.

Even Non-Subscribers Can Watch Netflix And David Fincher’s House Of Cards Part One

House of Cards’ full, thirteen episode first season launched at Netflix today, globally.

Three More Trailers For David Fincher And Netflix’s House Of Cards

The entire first series of House of Cards is going to drop onto Netflix this Friday.

Before Fincher’s Remake, See The Original – House Of Cards Trilogy Hit Blu-Ray And DVD In January

A remastered release for the top-class, blackly comic political thriller from the BBC.

David Fincher’s House Of Cards Character Portraits

There aren’t 52, sadly.

David Cronenberg Directing And Sam Raimi Producing New TV Project, Knifeman

Knifeman is to be David Cronenberg‘s first foray into directing TV since he delivered an episode of the Nightmare on Elm Street series.  From the details on hand, it sounds like a pretty good match – there’s certainly going to …

David Fincher Threatens To Quit Netflix House Of Cards Series Over Budget

If there’s one thing that Hollywood investors should learn, it’s that you shouldn’t get anywhere near a David Fincher project unless you’re willing to be very flexible with your budget. Flexible in an upward direction, of course. Netflix are learning …

Amazon Getting into TV, Netflix Want to be a Cable Service

This imminent new Apple Television that’s just going to merge the computer and the goggle box once and for all has been a long time coming, but it’s going to land smack on the nose of the zeitgeist, it seems. …