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Report Claims X-Men Days Of Future Past Will Be Released In Hobbit-y 48fps, But I’m Not So Sure…

Way back in the spring, just ahead of starting production on Days of Future Past, Bryan Singer told me, directly and openly, that they’d be shooting in 3D but at the typical 24fps…

FX Genius Douglas Trumbull Has Finished His New, Cutting Edge Sci-Fi Film

Also featuring a video that shows some of the backstory – and how important it actually is to Trumbull.

A List Of UK Cinemas Now Booking For The Hobbit In 48fps HFR – UPDATED QUINCE

Per capita, we’re definitely doing better than the US here. Lots of cities to choose from.

Just Two UK Cinemas Announced For 48fps Hobbit – And One Is Still Being Built

Britain is getting the bum end of the Hobbit stick.

Every Cinema In The USA Or Canada Where You Can See The Hobbit At 48fps HFR

Winnipeg? Tucson? Toledo? Baton Rouge? Little Rock? The Hobbit is coming to you and a boat load more in HFR.

70 More Of The 450 US Cinemas Where You’ll Be Able To See The Hobbit In 48fps

Tickets on sale today.

91 Cinemas Where You’ll Be Able To See The Hobbit At 48fps

Where to see Peter Jackson’s cutting edge picture the way he intended.

Lucky For Some – UK Hobbit Release Brought Forward Just A Little

There’s nothing scary about December Thursday 13th.

Disappointing: Jackson Blinked, Comic-Con Hobbit Footage To Be 24fps 2D Only

Peter Jackson‘s The Hobbit is at the cutting edge of a certain kind of film making technology and will bring the extraordinary new look and feel of 48fps feature films to a very wide audience. After showing off some scenes …