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Full Trailer For Red 2 Gives Us Some Story Details – Plus Seven Posters

This really does look like it will be fun, and they’ve reinvented Helen Mirren’s role in all of this in just the right way.

Rebecca Pidgeon Has Some Interesting Things To Say About Phil Spector And David Mamet

This is the kind of featurette you’d expect to focus on a writer-director, but there’s no David Mamet here. Instead, we’re hosted by his wife, Rebecca Pidgeon.

David Mamet, Al Pacino And Co. Tell Us Who And What Phil Spector Is

A talking heads and clips featurette for the upcoming HBO movie.

A Message To Prospective Students From The Dean Of Monsters University

Dean Hardscrabble has a few words for you.

Second Teaser Trailer For Phil Spector Lets Al Pacino And Helen Mirren Have A Bit Of A Ding Dong

Netflix might have the big profile, headline grabbing new series but HBO seem to have the exciting new movies.

First Teaser For David Mamet And Al Pacino’s Phil Spector Movie

This trailer is something of a record breaker.

Video: Hitchcock Remembered By Colleagues

Talking about the real Hitch to promote the fake one.

Helen Mirren And Colin Firth In Line For Sequel To Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Old people, in India. Box office gold.

I See London, I See France… I See The Cast Of Red 2, On Location

Not so retired but I’ll let them have Extremely and Dangerous.

Red 2 Cast List Adds Catherine Zeta Jones And Byung-Hun Lee

As Red 2 gets set to enter production, Lionsgate have announced two new additions to the cast and neither of them fits the Retired and Extremely Dangerous profile – which is to say, they’re relatively light on wrinkles and dark …

Here Comes Red 2 – Who’s Back And Who Hit The Sacks?

The first Red was a pretty nifty adaptation of Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner‘s comics, with plenty of credit due to screenwriters Erich and Jon Hoeber for their added inventions and fairly tidy reshaping. But the not-at-all secret weapon were …

Helen Mirren Says She’s On For Red 2 Next Year

I can imagine that rounding up ensemble casts for the sequel to a sleeper hit* is a tricky, and expensive business. As Red 2 comes together, Summit will be having hijinks, working out new deals with several stars of the …

New Trailer For Batman And Robi… Er… Arthur, With Russell Brand

Scripted by Bleeding Cool favourite Peter Baynham and loaded with proven comedy performers, the remake of Arthur seems more than likely to please. Indeed, I have it on good, if slightly biased authority, from somebody who has seen it that …

Swipe File: Russell Brand’s Head And Russell Brand’s Head

The poster changes, yet the head remains the same. I shared two posters from Arthur earlier on today. Here’s another way of looking at them – a way that highlights just how useful one picture of Russell Brand’s head can …

In Arthur Poster Algebra, One Great Gerwig Is Worth One Bowler Hat

Let’s play spot the difference with a pair of posters for Arthur, with Russell Brand, Jennifer Garner, Helen Mirren and Greta Gerwig/a bowler hat. Because Peter Baynham wrote this it will be funny. Promise.

First Footage From Arthur With Russell Brand And Helen Mirren

There’s no trailer yet, but our first look at Arthur, the Russell Brand-starring remake of the offensive “drunks are funny” comedy of the early 80s, cropped up on TV the other night. Shortly after I turned my TV off. Luckily, …

First Trailer For Julie Taymor’s The Tempest

We already brought you a series of clips from Julie Taymor’s very… Taymoresque adaptation of The Tempest and now, at long last, there’s a trailer too. You may find watching the trailer at Apple gets you the best quality. I’m …

First Look Clips – Julie Taymor’s The Tempest, Plus Helen Mirren Interview

This interview with Helen Mirren is studded with clips from Julie Taymor’s freshly-premiered version of The Tempest. They provide our first look at moving footage from the film. Between the clips, the star talks from the Venice Film Festival and …