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Juno Temple Joins Martin Scorsese’s HBO Pilot

Martin Scorsese continues to attract a pretty cool cast for his HBO drama pilot set in the 1970s rock n roll scene.

Olivia Wilde Joins Martin Scorsese And Mick Jagger’s HBO Pilot About 1970s Rock N Roll

Sounds good to me, and you can’t beat this team. Hopefully it gets picked up.

First Trailer For Mike Judge’s New HBO Comedy Silicon Valley

I mean any comedy that leads with a joke about Steve Jobs being a poser within the first 15 seconds has my vote of confidence.

True Detective Fans – Get The King In Yellow Free

Fans of the HBO series True Detective started asking “What is The King In Yellow?” when it was referenced on the show recently. Well, the answer is that it’s a novel by Robert W. (Robert William) Chambers and if you …

Second Full-Length Trailer For Game Of Thrones Season 4

Returning to A Storm of Swords, already in progress.

David Fincher And Gillian Flynn Reunite To Remake British Thriller Utopia For HBO

The British series is already in production on a second season.

A Tale of Three Cop Shows: True Detective, Bosch, And Babylon – Look! It Moves! By Adi Tantimedh

Adi Tantimedh writes: Three new cop shows this month have caught my eye: True Detective, Bosch and the British series Babylon. Cop shows are like the bread-and-butter of TV drama. They have a pre-sold audience that’s hungry for a genre …

Game Of Thrones: Fire And Ice Foreshadowing – HBO’s New, Fifteen-Minute Preview Of Season 4

HBO screened this on their channel last night and then dropped it onto YouTube too.

The Newsroom Has Been Renewed For A Third And Final Season‏

Of course, it’s not perfect but I do like the show a great deal and, when season three rolls around, I’ll be all over it.

Full Trailer For The New, Fourth Series Of Game Of Thrones

Here’s the first full promo for the next run of Game of Thrones, adapting the second half of A Storm of Swords.

HBO’s True Detective Sends Bleeding Cool A Mystery Box. The Kids Focus On The Bubble Wrap, Thankfully.

So a box arrives from Federal Express, from an address on Sunset Boulevard, to leafy suburban Kingston Vale, London, this morning. The kids are rather excited. Inside the box is another box. I pick up the Nokia… Apparently it’s a …

HBO’s 2014 Preview – Game Of Thrones, Girls, Mike Judge’s Silicon Valley, Bill Murray In Olive Kittredge And More

Getting Bill Murray and Frances McDormand for Olive Kittredge has made that series pretty much a must-see.

A New Salem Witchcraft Series From The Creator Of Weeds And Orange Is The New Black

This is not the only series about witchcraft in the works, but I’m going to give the HBO series the edge on this one.

See Every Death In The First Five Volumes Of A Game Of Thrones. Sort Of. Not Quite

If you thought that the head-rolling had come to… er… a head in the last run of HBO’s Game of Thrones, think again.

New Girls Season 3 Promo Prepares You For The Season Ahead

If you Tweet whilst watching Girls, Lena Dunham might just see it.

Creepy, Mysterious Teaser Clips For HBO’s True Detective Starring McConaughey And Harrelson

I don’t really know exactly what’s happening in each of these clips, but it’s definitely making me very interested in watching the show. Job well done, HBO.

Aaron Sorkin Hasn’t Decided If He’ll Come Back For The Newsroom Season 3 Despite HBO’s Thumbs Up

If you saw season two’s finale you may have felt it to be quite final, with the big story lines paid off pretty clearly. I’ve spoken to folk who thought there was more closure to this episode than in many series finales.

Teaser For The Last Few Episodes Of Treme

There are only five more episodes of David Simon’s Treme to come.