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Erik’s Weekly Watch – Gotham Vs. Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

By Erik Grove Welcome back to another installment of Erik’s Weekly Watch! This week I’m going to compare and contrast two of the biggest TV premiers for genre fans! Here we go, folks. This is what we’ve been waiting for. …

Another Boardwalk Empire Star Joins The Superhero World

A lot of casting directors must love Boardwalk Empire. Seems like we’re getting a lot of casting news based on actors from that show including Michael Shannon playing General Zod, Charlie Cox playing Daredevil and the rumor of Jack Huston …

Hayley Atwell Hints That Dominic Cooper Will Be In Agent Carter Series

Almost as good as a press release.

First Official Promo Art For Marvel’s Agent Carter TV Series

Now that ABC have officially announced that their Agent Carter show is a go, they can let this bit of Photoshop fun out of the labs.

Jaimie Alexander’s Sif Headed For Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D., Agent Carter Gets Hayley Atwell And Showrunners

The ladies of Marvel are headed for ABC.

Rumour: Agent Carter Series To Start Production Soon For Screening Later This Year

We already knew that Marvel were considering a period-set Agent Carter series for TV, and that if they were to go ahead, Hayley Atwell would star – but what’s new?

Agent Carter Clips And Interviews – Hayley Atwell And Louis D’Esposito On Their New Marvel Mini-Movie

The latest Marvel “One Shot” is a punching, kicking adventure for Agent Carter.

Casting Roundup: Tatiana Maslany In Parks And Rec, Benedict Cumberbatch Out of Crimson Peak

Linda Ge writes for Bleeding Cool. Today’s casting news roundup summed up: Tatiana Maslany is going to be on Parks and Rec. And go. • Maria Bello will play supportive wife to Kevin Costner in Disney sports drama MacFarland. The …

Fresh Clip From Marvel’s Agent Carter One Shot Short Film

The full film – just over a quarter-hour’s worth of glass ceiling-smashing shenanigans – will be included on the Iron Man 3 Blu-ray.

The Marvel One Shots We Didn’t Get… Yet, Including Black Panther And Young Nick Fury

I certainly hope Louis D’Esposito changes his mind about some of these because they sound pretty fun.

Another Marvel One-Shot Announced: And It’s Agent Carter

She’s a lot more than ‘Captain America’s girlfriend.’ S.H.I.E.L.D’s original field agent gets her own Marvel One-Shot

Captain America 2 Surprise Set Photos – Spoiler Warning

I think somebody has been fibbing to us about whether or not they’re involved in the second Captain America film.

Peggy Carter Short Film Set To Premiere At Comic-Con?

Hayley Atwell made her standard comment on having to keep secrets, and how Marvel’s cone of silence is fiercely predicted, but then went on to spill big, saucy beans all over the place.

Trailer For Black Mirror: White Bear, Video Of Charlie Brooker’s BFI Q&A

Q&A panel features Brooker, Hayley Atwell, Be Right Back director Owen Harris and executive producer Annabel Jones.

Hayley Atwell Apparently Not Coming Back For Captain America 2 (But She Is In The Next Series Of Black Mirror)

No Captain America for Peggy Carter.

Hayley Atwell Won’t Cop To Her Involvement In Captain America 2 Because Marvel Haven’t Announced It Yet

Hannah Shaw Williams is at the premiere of The Sweeney tonight, which you may recall Michael rather liked in his review, last week. She was able to catch a hold of co-star Hayley Atwell and get an update on her …

Captain America 2 Sizing Up Anna Kendrick, Felicity Jones And Imogen Poots

There’s some good genes in the Carter family (and I don’t mean the bluegrass musicians).