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New, Free Harry Potter Writing By JK Rowling

How big of a Harry Potter fan are you? I think this bit of news will test that.

Construction Updates On Avatar And Harry Potter Theme Park Attractions

Diagon Valley and Na’vi populated new themed attractions are coming to a Florida theme park near you.

J.K. Rowling Developing Harry Potter Prequel For The Stage

The show will follow Harry in his early years, before he learns the truth about who he is.

Watch: Marching Band Performs A Very Impressive Hollywood Blockbuster Medley

Superman, Jurassic Park and Harry Potter and more feature in this half-time show.

How Come We Don’t See Magic Schools Outside Of Fancy Neighborhoods Or Whimsical Fantasy Lands?

Jules Rivera writers for Bleeding Cool: Misfortune High is a story that sparked and then exploded into creation last year. So many other comics stories stew and bubble and brew in their respective creators’ heads for years before they get …

Warner Bros Ups The Harry Potter Trademarks – Beedle The Bard, Quidditch And More

That Warner Bros has trademarked Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them for everything (including comic books) under the sun is unsurprising, with the news of an upcoming JK Rowling-written spinoff movie.

But it’s not the only Potter-related trademark, that may point to future projects.

JK Rowling Has A Contract That Stops Warner Bros. Having Her Fantastic Beasts Screenplay Rewritten

“For Rowling, the most important issue was creative control‚ not an easy ask for a first-time screenwriter.”

Harry Potter Spin-Off Movie Coming, JK Rowling Writing Screenplay

Now including the full press release which tells us that this won’t just be a film, it’s going to spawn video games and theme park attractions and so on. As if we couldn’t have guessed.

Now You Can Explore Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley With Google Street View

Now, can we have all of Disney World on Street View, please? And can Muppet Vision 3D play in full when you “go” inside it?

Swipe File: Hangover 3 and Harry Potter

It all ends. For better or worse.

Harry Potter Cast Have Filmed New Scenes In Secret – But Not For A Film

Helena Bonham Carter is in the witching mood again.

J.K. Rowling’s First Post-Potter Novel Already Set For TV Adaptation

No wizards in this one.

How Spider-Man (And Harry Potter, Bob Marley And Friends) Helps The World Learn English

I’m not the biggest fan of running infographics on Bleeding Cool. Usually a barely-disguised advert for something trying to get free coverage with little imagination and often poor research. But this one? This one I liked. Research by Kaplan International …

If JK Rowling Does Rewrite Two Of Her Harry Potter Books, What Effect Will This Have On The Movies?

Also: she doesn’t think her new book is filmable. But she’s wrong.

Spoiler Swipe File: The Olympic Opening Ceremony And League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen

From that quite spectacular Olympic Ceremony tonight, we saw Voldemort amongst other villains from British children’s literature, such as the Childcatcher, Cruella De Ville, The Queen Of Hearts and more, soundly defeated by Mary Poppins in multitude, in a tribute …

Five League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Century 2009 References That Made Me Smile

Tomorrow, Americans get their dirty hands on League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Century 2009 by Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill. I’ve had a copy for a week and a half and have rather enjoyed it. So now it’s time to pick …

League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century 2009: The Bleeding Cool Review

This article contains minor spoilers, but nothing that I believe spoils the comic book reading experience. It would be easy to be fooled by the Independent Of Sunday’s headline. This comic contains, after all, a plot that has been set …

The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Harry Potter, The Anti-Christ And The Independent On Sunday

The Independent On Sunday, tomorrow’s edition of the serious minded British newspaper, has splashed with the headline that Harry Potter is the anti-Christ… Or at least he is in the final chapter of The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century, 2009. …