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New Full Trailer For Hangover III

There’s a pretty clear villain in the third Hangover film and this trailer will show you who it is. You’ll also get a good whiff of the preposterous basic premise. And there’s a title card that refers to “The Wolfpack Trilogy.”

Swipe File: Hangover 3 and Harry Potter

It all ends. For better or worse.

Swipe File: First Images From Hangover 3 And Red 2 Vs. Abbey Road, Psycho, Lots Of Other Things

The first images from The Hangover 3 and Red 2 are pretty familiar.

Hangover Press Release Reveals What The Film Isn’t About

There’s some vague allusion to a road trip in there somewhere, though.

Heather Graham Returning For Hangover Part 3

The recurring criticism of the second Hangover was that it was a virtual beat-for-beat do-over of the first film. One notable omission, however: Heather Graham, who for Twin Peaks alone gets a thumbs up from me.* But now she’s back …

The Wolfpack Gets Huge Pay Raise to Return For The Hangover 3

Linda Ge writes for Bleeding Cool. Of course there’s going to be another sequel to The Hangover, and of course Warner Bros will do whatever it takes to get the trio of Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis to …

Bradley Cooper Talks To Us About Limitless, Paradise Lost And Hyperion

When Bleeding Cool got a chance to sit down for a chat with Bradley Cooper, Bleeding Cool wasn’t actually available, so we spent a special, anonymous envoy to grill him on our behalf. Can’t tell you who. Somebody special. Our …

Superhero Specialist Hired To Write Hangover 3

As a direct result of the stupid amount of money sluiced into cinema cash registers around the world this last weekend, work on a third Hangover film has already gotten underway. The Tracking Board were the first to note that …