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San Diego Comic Con ’14 News Recap – Marvel, DC, Avengers 2, Star Wars, Guardians Of The Galaxy (VIDEO)

By Ian Mageto In this episode of Comics and Cosplay, host and Senior Bleeding Cool Cosplay Correspondent Ian Mageto recaps all the big news and announcements from San Diego Comic Con 2014. Topics include Avengers 2: Age of Ultron, Batman …

New Trailer For Gotham

Liking quite a bit of what I’m seeing from DC tv these days.  Here’s a new one for Gotham:

Gotham Creator Addresses The Curious Name Change

With all the talk about the new Gotham series on Fox by Rome and The Mentalist creator Bruno Heller, one major character name change has been buzzing about in the background. IGN.com talked with Heller at the Television Critics Association press …

Jada Pinkette Smith Talks Gotham In New Featurette

Fox is throwing these featurettes out fast and furiously… this new one features Jada Pinkett Smith (Fish Mooney) talking about what excites her in the new series and the mythology of Gotham.

Jim Gordon Gets Focus In Latest Gotham Trailer

In this latest trailer for Fox’s new drama Gotham, the focus turns to Detective James Gordon played by Ben McKenzie, but we see most of the other characters all hanging about the crime scene. Gordon is teamed with Detective Harvey …

A New Possible Joker In Every Episode Of Gotham?

Okay, so we made much play of Jon Beavers being cast as a stand up comedian in the pilot of Gotham. And the suggestion that he may be a future Joker. I now understand that this was very deliberate and …

More Shots Of Jon Beavers – Gotham’s Joker?

From an early promotional image of Gotham… Bleeding Cool ran a little look at the Gotham pilot earlier this week, it became one of the most read items on the site. And along the way, we took a few screencaps, …

TV Guide Reveals Covers To Comic Con Special Magazines

TV Guide is once again teaming with Warner Bros. Television to put out a special edition of the magazine featuring image from WB shows: Arrow, The Flash, The Following, Gotham, Constantine, Vampire Diaries and Supernatural. Plus there is one in …

Bleeding Cool Has Watched The Pilot Episode Of Gotham. And We Bring Screencaps.

This isn’t your grandfather’s Batman. Of course it’s not Batman at all. This is Gotham. And thanks to a rather entertaining source, I’ve just seen the pilot episode.

Bruno Heller Talks The Worlds Of Gotham

Writer and Executive Producer Bruno Heller talks about the different worlds of Gotham City in this later featurette. Heller of course is the creator of the HBO series Rome and the CBS series The Mentalist.

Alan Brennert Speaks Out Against A Lack Of Payment For Gotham’s Barbara Keane

Alan Brennert is a comic book writer. He’s been watching the development of the new Gotham TV series with much interest. On Facebook he writes, WHY I WON’T BE WATCHING FOX’S “GOTHAM” THIS FALL: Back in 1981, in a story …

Carol Kane Joins The Cast Of Gotham

According to TVline.com, Carol Kane will be joining the cast of the Batman origin series Gotham. The Oscar-nominate actress will be portraying Gertrud Kapelput, the mother of Oswald Cobblepot / The Penguin played by Robin Lord Taylor. Kane, best known …

‘The Origin Stories Begin In Gotham’

A new teaser poster appearing in today’s DC Comics titles. Talking comics-ese with origin stories and emphasising that aspect of the coming TV show… Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London, launching the lost SMASH! art exhibition in two days time. …

Gotham Director Wants To Introduce Mr. Freeze

Looks like Ben McKenzie’s young Detective Jim Gordon will have his hands full. And these are only the villains we already know about.

New Gotham Trailer Peers Through The Dirty Windows Of Some Grubby Souls

If we take this Gotham teaser on face value, then The Penguin, Catwoman and Fish Mooney are the chief villains of the young Jim Gordon’s world. The Penguin, The Cat and… The Fish? Hmmm. Of course, they’ll throw all of …

Selling The Geek – A Look At 2014/2015 Trailers From ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, The CW

By Ray Flook We live in “The TRUE Golden Age of Television.” (Giving everyone a second to relax and put their knives away before I explain…) Let me start with a confession: when I use the word “television,” I’m using …

A Gotham Featurette – Footage, Talking Heads And The Joker On A Hook (Sort Of)

This video tells us that we’ll want to tune in every week… because if we don’t, we might miss the first appearance of The Joker.

Gotham Paired With Sleepy Hollow On Fox Schedule, First Stills Released

They put Gotham in the 8pm slot and Sleepy Hollow at 9pm, when I would have thought it’d be the other way around.