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“Indeed I Have Regrets About Daredevil” – Ben Affleck Talks About Why He Is Taking On Batman

With Gone Girl opening this weekend, Ben Affleck has been out there promoting the film and of course questions about his next project, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice come up even on NPR. Affleck was asked if he had …

Jon Stewart Spoils Batman v Superman During Ben Affleck Interview

Ben Affleck dropped by the Daily Show last night where he and Jon Stewart discussed the similarities between Argo and Rosewater along with Affleck’s upcoming films Gone Girl and Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice. Stewart questions the decision to …

New Gone Girl Trailer Released

20 Century Fox has released a new trailer for the upcoming film Gone Girl. The latest film from director David Fincher has Ben Affleck as a man whose wife (Rosamund Pike) has gone missing on the night of their fifth …

Ben Affleck Is The Most Hated Man In America – And It Has Nothing To Do With Batman

A second trailer was posted for Gone Girl, the new David Fincher directed movie starring Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, Neil Patrick Harris and Sela Ward. The mystery-thriller is based on the novel by Gillian Flynn and tells the story of …

First Trailer For David Fincher’s Gone Girl

Yup, this has just jumped to the top of my most anticipated films list.

Teaser Poster For David Fincher’s Gone Girl

Another strange, eerie, beautiful and wholly unique bit of marketing.

Teaser Of Trailer For David Fincher’s Gone Girl

This is only 19 seconds and it’s overlayed with some Entertainment Tonight reporter explaining the basic plot points of the movie, but…

Trent Reznor And Atticus Ross Scoring David Fincher’s Gone Girl

This makes it three in a row and I hope this collaboration never, ever ends.

David Fincher’s Gone Girl Has An Entirely Different Ending Than The Book

Now, whether you’ve read the book or not, you’ll be experiencing Gone Girl for the very first time in that theater.

David Fincher Shoots Rosamund Pike And Ben Affleck For EW Gone Girl Cover

Hopefully there are actual stills from the movie itself on the inside pages.

First Image Of Ben Affleck In David Fincher’s Gone Girl

In the midst of the Argo/Batman hoopla, one easily forgets Ben Affleck is also fronting another Big Deal movie.

Casting Roundup: Natalie Dormer Plays The Hunger Games, Angelina Jolie Enlists Some Soldiers

If there’s any other casting news that matters aside from Marvel in negotiations with the two newest members of the MCU family, you will find it here.

David Fincher Has Cast Rosamund Pike Opposite Ben Affleck For Gone Girl

This shook out pretty quickly. Just days after casting lists were circulating, The Hollywood Reporter have gone ahead and confidently stated that Rosamund Pike will take the lead in David Fincher‘s Gone Girl. The film will be an adaptation of …

Report: David Fincher Wants To Put Ben Affleck Opposite Natalie Portman, Emily Blunt Or Charlize Theron In Gone Girl

I’m trying not to say too much about this film’s story premise. I certainly wouldn’t share the plot blurb from the back of the original novel.

David Fincher Might Be Going To Gone Girl With Reese Witherspoon If 20,000 Leagues Sinks

The man has certainly got options.