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Bleeding Cool Movie Podcast – GI Joe – Retaliation, Good Vibrations, Trance, Identity Thief, Roland Emmerich Movies And More

A busy one.

GI Joe: Retaliation Viral Video Subverts Military Recruitment Ads

The only real difference between this recruitment video for Cobra and one for any other military force is the name of the organisation.

New GI Joe Trailer Shows What They’re Selling This Side Of The Reshoots

Shock! Horror! It isn’t all that different

Trending Wednesday In TV/Film: GI Joe, Retaliation Postponed

This decision is puzzling people all over the internet today: But why the delay at all? Hasbro’s CEO says it’s because they want to “bring fans an even more immersive entertainment experience” by digitally creating a 3D version. I wonder …

BC Mag #0: Summer Blockbusters [UPDATED]

Bleeding Cool Magazine Article By Brendon Connelly It all started in 1975. Before then, people would rather get some sun in the summertime, maybe even go swimming.But then Jaws gave us all two good reasons to stay off the beaches. …

Numbercrunching The GI Joe: Retaliation Character Banners

Number of males: 6 Number of females: 2 Number of these females doing the whole look at my butt thing we see in so many posters: 1 Number of men doing same: None. Of course Proportion of females going sleeveless: …

New UK Trailer For GI Joe: Retaliation

It does look considerably better than the last film, wouldn’t you say?