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The Gerry Anderson Comic Collection To Die For. Or, At Least, Subscribe.

We’ve covered the partwork publishing system in the UK before, where publishers split up a volume and sell it next to magazines, every week. And how they often use physical items to collect or (build up). The US market’s biggest …

Weta-Powered Remake Of Thunderbirds Gets Its Cast – A Mixture Of Old And New, Starry And Not

We’re still a couple of years out from Thunderbirds Are Go! hitting our screens, which is just about time for the voice work to begin.

Trailers For Andercon And Gemini Force One, Featuring Gerry Anderson Himself

The truth about Gemini Force One is to be revealed this Thursday at 9am. Meanwhile, the first ever Andercon is gearing up for a 2014 bow.

Countdown To Gemini Force One, The New TV Show From The Late Gerry Anderson

When Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet creator Gerry Anderson very sadly passed away at the end of last year, he left behind a series of unfinished TV projects.

Yes, M’Ladies – It Sounds Like The Original Parker Is Back For New Thunderbirds

If they’re keeping the voice, I hope they’re also keeping the eyebrows.

New Thunderbirds Show To Mix Models And CG With A Little Help From Weta

In America, I expect Thunderbirds is probably known because of Team America: World Police, which parodied the show for an audience that pretty much didn’t know it.

Neil Gaiman Sings Fireball XL5

At an Amanda Palmer New Year’s concert, Neil Gaiman sang the theme tune to Gerry Anderson‘s Fireball XL5. When he mentioned this on Twitter, I wondered if they had a copy of the Alan Moore Black Dossier vinyl record which …