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Doug Coleman On The Action And Stunt Work Of Gangster Squad, A Winter’s Tale And Michael Mann’s Next Movie

On the detailed, specific and precise action devised for Gangster Squad, and early details on the stunts in A Winter’s Tale and Michael Mann’s rather secretive new cyber-thriller.

Gangster Squad – The Bleeding Cool Review

Michael Moran took a trip back to 1940s Los Angeles for the starry gangster jamboree. And he’s back with the straight dope for youse.

Warner Bros Delay Gangster Squad Release, Plan To Reshoot Around Cinema Shoot-Out Scene

If you attended a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises when it was released, it’s possible you caught a glimpse of the new trailer for Ruben Fleischer’s Gangster Squad, which included scenes of a shootout between the Mafia and …

First Official Image From Gangster Squad (Probably Won’t Be As Popular As The Second Or Third One)

The first official image from Ruben Fleischer‘s Gangster Squad shows Sean Penn and Josh Brolin mid-disagreement. They’re a pair of movie stars, sure, but this picture is probably not worth one half as much to the promotional campaign/the world’s collective …