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Angry Parents, eBay, And Frozen Merchandise Burning Up

By: Julz Hendricks It’s no secret that Frozen has literally taken the world by storm. Not only has it grossed over 1 billion at the Box Office, and won a plethora of awards, but it has warmed the hearts of …

The Frozen Stage Musical Seems To Be Coming On Nicely – Disney Have Launched An Official Site

The latest we heard on the show is that it is going to happen and it will be on Broadway.

Disney’s CEO: “Frozen Has Real Franchise Potential”

Bob Iger has promised new content and “continued interest” for “quite a while.”

All New Footage For Disney’s Super Bowl Special Promo For Frozen

Here’s some especially created animation, a little promo for Frozen on Super Bowl Sunday.

Disney Releasing New, Singalonga Karaoke Version Of Frozen To Cinemas

This is a smart idea – these songs are insanely catchy and fun to sing, especially when you’re not being expected to sing them well.

No Brainer: A Broadway Version Of Frozen Is In The Works‏

It takes very limited imagination to see Disney taking the show to Broadway.

Disney’s Bob The Musical Back On With Frozen Composers And Director Allan Loeb

Sounds like an irreverent, original concept.

Batman ’66 Ruben Procopio Worked On What Would Become Frozen… 10 Years Ago

Over on his blog the artist for the hit series Batman ’66, Ruben Procopio shared a look back at his work at Disney and an idea of just how long Frozen was in the works. With Frozen out in the theaters I …

You Can Now Legally Download Many Of The Year’s Best Screenplays, From Gravity To Saving Mr. Banks‏

I’d particularly recommend Philomena, Saving Mr. Banks, All Is Lost and Pixar’s The Blue Umbrella.

Producing A Movie The Walt Disney Animation Way – With Frozen’s Peter Del Vecho

On the unusual, specific role of the producer in a Disney animation and the tight crunch to get Frozen made when a whole year was lopped off the schedule.

Watch The Best Musical Sequence From Frozen In Its Entirety – Let It Go With Idina Menzel‏

The more I see Frozen the more I love it.

Sniff-Testing Frozen Easter Eggs With The Film’s Directors – From Fragonard To The Watchmen

Are these real easter eggs in Disney’s Frozen or just figments of the imagination?

Technical Difficulties Causes Frozen Screening To Heat Up

CinemaBlend.com reports that a screening of Disney’s Frozen in Florida took a very non-family friendly turn when a clip from a pornographic film (or possible the extended trailer for Nymphomaniac as MoshNews.co.uk speculates) was used as “filler” to cover the technical difficulties …

Did You Miss The Rapunzel And Flynn Cameo In Frozen? So Did Tangled’s Director

All together now: Awwwwww.

Watch The First Minute Of Disney’s Much-Hyped New Mickey Mouse Short, Get A Horse

Get a Horse features Walt Disney as the voice of Mickey Mouse.

Watch: A Full Comedy Sequence From Disney’s Frozen

It was when I saw this back in the summer, ironically enough, that I “got” the point of this little Snowman guy, Olaf.

New Frozen TV Spot Plays On Hallowe’en For Scares And Goofiness

Tonight’s the night that Toy Story of TERROR! will premiere on ABC, bringing back the Andy’s Room gang – sorry Bonnie – for their first TV special.

There’s A Star Wars Thing Going On With The Crew T-Shirt For Disney’s Frozen

It’s interesting to see which characters are featured and in which aspect. I don’t think this counts as spoiler material, but it certainly hints at things that weren’t clear from the trailers.