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Roberto Orci Left Spider-Man For… The Power Rangers?

Word is that Roberto Orci has signed on to executive produce and help develop the story for the new Mighty Morphing Power Rangers movie. Along with Orci somes two writers from X-Men: First Class, Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz. Miller …

Leaked Doctor Who Call Sheet Adds Orla Brady To Christmas Special Cast List

If you’ve got amazing eyesight, and perhaps some kind of sixth sense, you may be able to read a few more little… blurs.

From Fringe To September

Alasdair Stuart writes for Bleeding Cool Fringe, much like BBC Radio 4 (Trust me, Iā€™m going somewhere with this) is a perfect example of what happens when you leave something alone to grow and develop on its own terms. What …

Video: When R2D2 And C3PO Appeared In Fringe – And That’s Just For Starters

It seems that JJ Abrams and Star Wars have some history.

Video: The Animated, Monty Python-Style Acid Trip From Last Night’s Fringe

Fringe pays homage to Terry Gilliam.

Revolution Holds Well, Last Resort Sinks, Fringe Keeps Steady – The Week In TV Ratings

How did your favourite shows rank as premiere week kicked into higher gear?

New Trailer For Fringe’s Final Season

Trailer for Fringe’s final season, complete with a scary vision of the future.

Official Bags Of Comic Con Include The Big Bang Theory, DC Nation And Man Of Steel

Wow! Bags!

San Diego Comic Con PR Runaround – Marvel, Disney, Adventure Time, Teen Wolf, Inbetweeners, Joss Whedon, Firefly, Tim Burton, Nathan Fillion, Fringe, EL James, 2000AD And More

Every morning I wake up to more San Diego Comic Con promotional activity. So now, so can you. Marvel Studios: MARVEL STUDIOS will be hosting its Hall H Comic-Con panel on Saturday, July 14 from 6:00pm ā€“ 7:00pm. Marvel Studios …

Fringe To Get Fifth And Final Season Of Thirteen Episodes

A deal has been closed for Fringe to get thirteen final episodes to round out its story and wrap up nicely. Well, in theory at least. Bad Robot television had a much longer to prepare for the ending of Lost …

The Dark Mantis Returns?

From Fringe this week; Fauxlivia: You thought this might have something to do with the vigilante case the PD has been working? Agent Lee 1: Maybe Batman’s moved to the Bronx Fauxlivia: What’s a Batman? Agent Lee 1: The Caped …

Fringe Writer Hired To Reboot Daredevil Movie Franchise with Adaptation of Frank Miller & David Mazzucchelli’s Born Again

If they can pull it off with an adaptation worthy of the original material, this would be a great way to restart the Daredevil franchise: Hollywood Reporter says that Fox has hired Brad Caleb Kane of the tv show Fringe …

Monica Breen And Alison Schapker’s Pulp For DC Comics

Monica Breen and Alison Schapker, exec producers on Fringe, have had another project, the heightened-reality crime drama called Pulp, in the works for a while, to be produced as a TV show by Fringe co-creator JJ Abrams. It was developed …

Fringe Becomes A Comic Again ā€“ No Publisher Required (SPOILERS)

The following piece contains some spoilers for last night’s episode of Fringe on US television. It hasn’t aired yet in the UK, and some won’t have seen it, so let;s have plenty of spoiler copy to save the front page. …