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Baking and Cosplay with Jenny Rae At Comikaze Expo

By Amanda Levine Whether she is baking cake balls, dressing up in one-of-a-kind cosplay outfits or being her alter-ego Phyllis Herman, Jenny Rae takes cosplay and baking to higher levels of individuality. Jenny Rae’s view on cosplay is her own, …

Disney Producer Don Hahn On Frankenweenie, The Studio’s Evolution, Roger Rabbit Rumours And More

The realities of making a movie like Frankenweenie somewhere like Disney.

Bleeding Cool Movie Podcast – Oz The Great And Powerful, Stoker, Twisty Plots, Stop Motion, Sleep Tight And More

Including Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, Safe Haven, Frankenweenie and more.

First Images From Frankenweenie Spin-Off Short Captain Sparky Vs. The Flying Saucers

More stop motion Sparky.

BC Mag #1: Tim Burton’s Guided Tour Of The World Of Frankenweenie

Bleeding Cool Magazine article by Brendon Connelly. Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie is clearly a very personal film. Made in his new hometown of London, it’s set in a fictionalised, miniaturised, stop-motion version of his native Burbank. Like Burton himself, the lead …

BCM#1: Tim Burton’s Guided Tour To The Worlds Of Frankenweenie

Welcome to Burton’s Frankenworld of little puppet people.

Frankenweenie Producer Allison Abbate Has “Auteurs” Lining Up To Make Stop Motion Movies

The future of stop motion animation. Okay, “a” future of stop motion animation.

Designing The Puppets For Frankenweenie

How Frankenweenie got that Tim Burton feeling.

Two More Frankenweenie Clips Feature Some… “Special” Animals

A fish and cat like no other fish and cat.

IMAX Midnight Screening Poster For Frankenweenie

Warning: includes begging.

Three More Clips From Frankenweenie Show Off Its Monster Movie Credentials

This Autumn’s best stop motion horror film for kids. And, you know, it had some pretty stiff competition.

Frankenweenie Featurette Packs New Footage, Chatter

Tim Burton, his cast and producers have some yammering to do, and some clips from Frankenweenie to show in between. Do be warned that this featurette gives away some plot specifics that have been kept pretty much under wraps until …

Stunning Frankenweenie Clip Sets Up The Sci-Fi Elements Of The Story

Mary Shelley might have been moved to call it Frankenweenie; or the Suburban Prometheus.

London Film Festival Launch: Tim Burton, The Absentee Master And Pastries

Patrick Dane writes for Bleeding Cool. While Brendon was in a screening and Hannah was standing around in a field,* I had the pleasure of waking up early and scooting myself over to the BFI’s press release event for the …

Frankenweenie To Open The London Film Festival With Screenings Across The Whole Of The UK

This year’s opening night gala for the London Film Festival is to be the European premiere of Frankenweenie, the next film from, as Rich says, that sometime cartoonist Tim Burton.

Tim Burton’s Behind The Scenes Tour Of Frankenweenie In Next Issue Of Bleeding Cool Magazine

I’m very proud of this article and I hardly wrote a word of it. It’s almost all Tim, all the time.

Listen To Karen O’s Original Song For Frankenweenie

Tim Burton recruited Karen O to write and perform a new song for Frankenweenie. The brief was to write ‘an unconventional unconditional love song,’ the better to reflect the bond between a young boy and his deceased, latterly reanimated dog. This …

3D Trailers For The Avengers, Frankenweenie, Paranorman And More

Plus some vintage ‘classics’ – including Jaws 3D.