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Frank Marshall Denies That The New Bourne Movie Was Delayed To Allow For The Return Of Matt Damon

A denial like “it’s simply not true” is frustrating because it doesn’t say what isn’t true, but Frank Marshall at least provided some other bits of info to The Hollywood Reporter when shooting down the current rumour about Matt Damon coming …

Sam Neill Thinks The Next Jurassic Park Is A Reboot

What does it mean if Jurassic Park is rebooted? Actually, before we get to that, what does it mean if an actor says they think it’s going to be rebooted?

Is Jurassic Park 4′s Secret Director Actually Steven Spielberg?

So… why do you keep a director secret from the crew you’re hiring? And what else do we know about Jurassic Park 4?

Just Two Directors In The Running For The Star Wars Gig

Producer Frank Marshall says he knows who has the job.

Universal Hatching Sequels For Bourne With Renner And Weisz, Ted With… That Bear

Studio to become a franchise and toon factory.

Some New Back To The Future Something Is Coming But What? – UPDATED: Mystery Solved

I never really thought of film producer Frank Marshall as a man of mystery, but he’s just set my head to itching more than it has in many a moon with his most enigmatic tweet to date. I don’t know …