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Interview: Catching Fire Director Francis Lawrence On Taking Over The Hunger Games And Seeing The Series Out

This film not only stands alongside the first, it feels like the next, vital instalment in a series. It’s like we’re getting episodes of a great TV show… just really very, very spaced out.

Gale And Katniss Fight In First Clip From The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth have a strained confrontation in the first clip from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

New Images From The Hunger Games Catching Fire And Photos From The Set Of Mockingjay

Three new images from Catching Fire and a bunch of new photos from the set of Mockingjay.

Katniss Takes Aim – At You – In New Poster For Hunger Games Sequel, Catching Fire

As the Hunger Games books go on they became less cleanly plotted and conceived but, in many respects, even more politically provocative. Will it be the same with the films?

First Hunger Games: Catching Fire Footage, Full Trailer Set For MTV Premiere – UPDATED

Our first vague sense of how the Hunger Games series will cope without Gary Ross.

Rebel Wilson Might Be In The Movie Version Of The Hunger Games’ Last Volume, Mockingjay

She’s a fan and she’s had a meeting… but for which role?

First Look At Philip Seymour Hoffman And Other Supporting Players In More Hunger Games: Catching Fire Images

Finally, the grown ups get a look in. Well, and Prim.

Comfirmed: Francis Lawrence To See Hunger Games Series Through To The End

To the bitter end.

Hunger Games Threequel Officially Split Into Two Movies, Casting Updates And More

Lionsgate have officially announced release dates for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part One and Part Two. They fall on  November 21st, 2014 and November 20th, 2015. With The Hunger Games: Catching Fire set for November 22nd, 2013, they’ve essentially staked out …

The Hunger Games Sequel To Feature Some IMAX Sequences

The next film to join the craze of IMAXing certain sequences will be The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. The large format film company have themselves announced that Francis Lawrence and team will shoot some of the movie in the large …

Philip Seymour Hoffman Wanted For Catching Fire’s Plutarch Heavensbee

He’ll always be Brandt to me.

Finally Some Good News For The Hunger Games – Michael Arndt Sought For Rewrite

Lionsgate are looking to draft Michael Arndt, the writer of Little Miss Sunshine and Toy Story 3, to rework the script for Catching Fire, the second film in the Hunger Games series. This is a very good thing. Arndt is …

Gary Ross In Line For Houdini Biopic Based On America’s First Superhero Book

I’m quite the fan of Harry Houdini, or at least his reputation – I never saw the man at work, and the writing I’ve read that was credited to him was all co-written, possibly rather heavily ghost written. His movie …

Being John Malkovich And Eternal Sunshine’s Charlie Kaufman Writing Sci-Fi Franchise Movie Chaos Walking


Catching Fire Directing Chair Offered To Francis Lawrence

Since The Hunger Games director Gary Ross announced that he would not be returning to direct sequel Catching Fire, Lionsgate have been under pressure to find someone suitable. The studio has already set its release date for November 22nd 2013, …

Work Begins On An I Am Legend Follow-Up

I can’t say I was sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for this one, but Will Smith continues to drive big box office so it was probably as near to inevitable as these things get.

Scott Frank Scripting Francis Lawrence’s Houdini Movie

Scott Frank has, to date, only directed one feature,* but he was so bloody good at it, every time I hear he’s writing a film for another director, I can’t help but feel a little disappointed. The next wasted opportunity …

Samson, From The Bible, Is Being Reimagined As A Superhero… From The Future

The Fighter co-writer Scott Silver is working up a sci-fi superhero project. Here’s how he pitched it: I’m finishing up something completely different, a superhero movie set in the future. It’s an original superhero … a superhero based sort of on …