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Evil Dead Remake Writer And Director No Longer Involved In The Sequel

But they do have at least three other projects lined up.

Evil Dead 2 Scripting Underway – A Sequel To The Remake – UPDATE: Trilogy Planned

The remake of The Evil Dead premiered last night at the SXSW festival, and judging from social media accounts, the crowd were most pleased. And shocked. And disgusted. In a good way.

Ten Minutes Of The New Evil Dead Score By Roque Banos

I think the new Evil Dead is going to be really rather exciting.

Yet Another Trailer For The Evil Dead

A lot less gore but the intensity levels stay high.

Evil Dead Director Promises His Remake Doesn’t Have A Single Drop Of CG In It

So says a director who owes his career to a very heavily CG short film. How odd.

Full Red Band Trailer For The New Evil Dead

The new Evil Dead seems to have a fresh perspective.

Evil Dead Remake Will Be The Most Terrifying Film Of All Time, According To New Poster

Shut up shop on scary movies, because they’ll never be this good again.

First Footage From The New Evil Dead Is Online

Also, clips of Bruce Campbell doing his best PT Barnum.

First Image From New Evil Dead

Also, that tree-rape update you were waiting for.

Official Blurbs For New Evil Dead, Carrie And Curse Of Chucky

For the sake of official updates, here are the recently released plot blurbs for three upcoming horror pictures – the done-over Evil Dead; the done-over Carrie; and the latest Child’s Play sequel, Curse of Chucky. All of which reminds me …

First Look At Evil Dead Poster And “Grasping” Logo From Comic-Con

All of the Sony movie posters and banners at Comic Con this year contain hashtags. In the case of the Evil Dead, they’re suggesting #NECRONOMICON. I did a quick search and nobody is using it yet. So do Bleeding Cool …

Evil Dead Remake Spoilers Get Splashed Across The Web

If you’re at all curious about how the new Evil Dead is going to vary from the original, chances are that your major questions have now been answered, and publicly. Harry Knowles has “reviewed” a draft of the script over …

First Location Shot From The New Evil Dead, And A Series Of Interesting Updates

So far, we’ve been focusing on the new ideas in the Evil Dead redux, but what the first image from the shoot’s New Zealand location reminds us is that it’s a remake, not a total reinvention. There’s still going to …

Bruce Campbell Tweets Up A Storm About The Evil Dead Remake

Fielding Twitter questions from a multitude of fans and the odd rude nosy parker, Bruce Campbell has today revealed a good few interesting points about the impending Evil Dead remake from director Fede Alverez and screenwriter Diablo Cody. These tweet …