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Fast And Furious 6 Final Trailer – All Fetishes Present And Correct

From nitro injections to scantily clad women dancing around cars, they’re all here.

3 Minute Fast And Furious Featurette Plays Up The Family Values

Fast 6 uses both unexplained resurrection and amnesia ploys to bring Michelle Rodriguez back.

Fast And Furious 7 Needs A New Director – Justin Lin Won’t Rush To The Studio’s Schedule

Universal need somebody who can jump onto a moving vehicle, and soon – somebody who can handle the stunts, FX work and big-name, big-bicep stars.

Another Fast And Furious Film Set To Shoot This Summer – Sequel Or Spin-Off?

It’s not impossible that both a sequel and spin-off will shoot this year… Interest in this series genuinely seems to be at a peak.

Plans For A Rock-Centric Fast & Furious Spin-Off Are Under Discussion

More Rock, less Paul Walker.

Full Three Minute-Plus Trailer For Fast And Furious 6

Car go vroom, everything go boom. It’s business as usual for the Fast and Furious franchise.

Another 30 Seconds Of Fast And Furious 6

If you’re furious that the new footage isn’t coming along fast enough. Or something.

Fast And Furious 6 Superbowl Spot

The very first footage from Fast and Furious 6 has arrived in the form of a Superbowl trailer. “We’re talking vehicular warfare.”

Official Plot Blurb For Fast And Furious 6 Turns Up

I’m surprised to say that this wouldn’t fit on the back of a matchbook.

The Rock, Vin Diesel And Paul Walker Get Serious In New Fast 6 Photos

Big boys and fast toys.

Michelle Rodriguez And Mel Gibson Set For Machete Kills, Rodriguez Also In Fast & Furious 6

Action movies need actors too.

Fast 6 Crew To Get A Little More Haywire – Gina Carano Joining Up

There’s not a lot known about Fast 6, but what do you want to know? There’s going to be cars, there’s going to be cops and robbers, and there’s more than likely going to be a lot of girls in …