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The Simpsons Guy: The Mash-Up, With A Digression About Giant Leeches

By Devin T. Quin, writing for Bleeding Cool The Big Red Leech is indeed big, red and gut wrenchingly awful. It resembles a freelance intestine, crawling across the jungle floor with alarming speed looking for food to reverse defecate. It …

Matt Groening And Seth MacFarlane Draw Each Other

The season premier of Family Guy this year will take the Griffin’s out of Quahog and into Springfield as they meet the Simpsons. EW focused on the event with a series of different Family Guy/Simpsons covers this week as well …

The Simpsons / Family Guy Crossover Preview From Comic Con

Shown at San Diego Comic Con Saturday, and airing September 28, the Simpsons crossing over with Family Guy is appropriately called “The Simpsons Guy“.

The Simpsons/Family Guy Crossover: Can Their Fans Get Along for an Hour-Long Special?

By Shawn Perry After years of public squabbling amongst the creative teams –- the Simpsons and Griffins clans are finally going to make nice and meet for an hour-long episode this September, Mashable reports. During the networks annual upfront presentation …

Batman Is As Real As Jesus Christ – A Filthy Orphan By Nevs Coleman

(I’m not sure if it’s necessary, but there could be some emotional triggers in this. Just so you’re warned.) ‘It used to be we had friends, now we have “Friends”. We used to have neighbours, now we have “Neighbours”.’ -Mark …

You Were Right About Family Guy All Along, But Does That Make You Happy?

You might consider the following a spoiler. Or you might have the most mild, meek drop of cynicism in your blood, and that will have been enough to spot it coming.

Dubious Rumor About A Family Guy Spinoff Series For Brian

I think the concept of a solo Brian spinoff series is flawed, whether this report is true or not.

Your Next Simpsons Crossover Episode Is With Futurama

Announced at this afternoon’s Comic-Panel for all things four-fingered with the patented Groening overbite, there’s to be a crossover episode mashing up The Simpsons and Futurama. The voice recording session will take place next month and the episode should air …

The Simpsons And Family Guy Are Going To Cross Over Properly

As will be announced at Comic Con, The Simpsons and Family Guy are to crossover for a 2014 episode. It’s happened before, briefly, with Homer popping up in Family Guy, but this time it will be on the scale of …

Now Is The Time To Buy The Family Guy Star Wars Specials

There’s some impressive animation in these episodes – and that’s not something I say lightly about Family Guy – and the adaptations have done a great job of compressing the storylines.

Seth MacFarlane Has Apparently Been Asked Back To Host The Oscars Again

If he can just squeeze it onto the edge of his plate.

Alan Bennett Played Himself On Family Guy, Slamming Regional Theatres

The real Alan Bennett is a strong supporter of regional theatres in Britain.

Seth MacFarlane’s Next Movie Is… A Western? He’s Writing, Directing And Starring

A Million Ways to Die in the West is MacFarlane’s unexpected follow up to Ted.

Seth MacFarlane Says Family Guy Movie Plot “Would Be Impossible To Do On TV”

Following in the footsteps of the Simpsons.

Video: Seth MacFarlane Plays Ted Via Motion Capture

The title character in Ted is a motion capture creation with the voice, and as you’ll see, the candy-fellating, cash register-humping moves of writer-director Seth MacFarlane. I fear this video will be NSFW in some places. Shame really, because he’s …

Trailer For This Week’s Inception-Inspired Simpsons Episode

Fresh from their Game of Thrones triumph, The Simpsons will this week go inside Homer Simpson’s brain for an episode inspired by Inception. Here’s the trailer. As you might imagine, this isn’t the first time Springfield has taken on Inception …

Interview With Family Guy’s Alex Borstein

Season 11 of Seth MacFarlane’s hugely popular cartoon series Family Guy goes on sale in the UK today in all reputable stores, and a couple of disreputable ones such as Honest Mike’s Deeveedee Emporium, where Value is our Frennd. I …

Seth MacFarlane Rebooting The Flintstones For TV And Cinema

Fox have announced that they’re bringing The Flintstones back to primetime, and Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane is the main in charge. Apparently it took a whole year of negotiations between the studio and Warner Bros. TV who hold the …