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Playing With Chainsaws – A Cosplay Interview With Player Two

By Andrea “Yunie” McFall  Joining with Cosplay Blog with a Brain, this is our next cosplayer interview, featuring Player Two! She’s another newer cosplayer from Canada, who is a very talented gal!  [Player Two out of costume] Andrea McFall: What’s …

Sam Raimi Drops Bombshell At Comic-Con About Possible Evil Dead TV Series

According to Empire, during a surprise visit to Comic-Con today to talk about the movie adaptation of The Last Of Us, producer Sam Raimi surprised everyone again by saying he is writing an Evil Dead TV show with his brother …

The Castle of Horror Podcast Presents: The Evil Dead (1981) With Adam Foshko Of Call Of Duty And Max Meehan

By Jason Henderson, Drew Edwards, Tony Salvaggio, and Julia Guzman Bleeding Cool welcomes back The Castle of Horror Podcast tonight, a weekly internet radio show where professional writers in the comics, games and book industries take a look at horror …

Crisis On Infinite Ashes – Elliott Serrano Talks Army Of Darkness

In his first Army of Darkness storyline, Elliott Serrano introduced us to Ashley K. Williams, the female alternate reality Ash. With The King Is Dead, Long Live The Queen, he gets to go back to his female anti-hero and the …

Evil Dead Remake Writer And Director No Longer Involved In The Sequel

But they do have at least three other projects lined up.

Watch: Full Mini-Documentary About The Evil Dead And Its Reboot With Cast And Crew

Also addressing the importance of not having an Ash character in the new film.

Julianne Hough To Star In Diablo Cody’s “Non-Cynical” Directorial Debut Paradise

Julianne Hough to play a religious woman who travels to Vegas to work her way through a list of sins.

BC Mag #4: Evil Dead Redux

Bleeding Cool Magazine article by James Kuhoric How do you even approach a task like remaking Sam Rami’s innovative 1981 horror classic, The Evil Dead? There are so many reasons not to do it and no matter how good the …

Bleeding Cool Movie Podcast – Olympus Has Fallen, Evil Dead And Evil Dead 2, Love Is All You Need And More

Now that Place Beyond the Pines has been out a while, there’s a little more chat about that too. And we spare a few words for Shark-based schlockbusters.

When Bleeding Cool Called Up Bruce Campbell To Celebrate Evil Dead 2

Did you know that Evil Dead 2 was in profit before they’d finished filming? Here’s word on that, and more, courtesy of the inimitable Mr. Campbell.

Sam Raimi’s Sequel Is Actually Army Of Darkness 2 Not Evil Dead 4

Rob Tapert, Sam Raimi’s producing partner on the Evil Dead series, wants to make a distinction. The proposed sequel that we were calling Evil Dead 4 isn’t quite that – at least not by name.

Evil Dead 2 Scripting Underway – A Sequel To The Remake – UPDATE: Trilogy Planned

The remake of The Evil Dead premiered last night at the SXSW festival, and judging from social media accounts, the crowd were most pleased. And shocked. And disgusted. In a good way.

Sam Raimi Explains Exactly What’s Going On With Evil Dead 4

Straight from the horse’s mouth.

Sam Raimi Plans To Write Evil Dead 4 This Summer

Sam and Ivan Raimi to crack out the typewriters again.

New Evil Dead Earns NC-17, Gets Sent Back To Be Cut Up So Kids Can Go See It

The MPAA and US cinema chains have got adult moviegoers in a headlock.

Ten Minutes Of The New Evil Dead Score By Roque Banos

I think the new Evil Dead is going to be really rather exciting.

Yet Another Trailer For The Evil Dead

A lot less gore but the intensity levels stay high.

Evil Dead Director Promises His Remake Doesn’t Have A Single Drop Of CG In It

So says a director who owes his career to a very heavily CG short film. How odd.