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Documentary Crew To Go Hunting In Landfill Site For Legendary Hoard Of Atari ET Game Cartridges

According to Snopes, the internet’s urban myth police, it’s a true story. In 1983, Atari took huge numbers of unsold ET videogame cartridges to New Mexico and dumped them by the truckload.

And You Thought It Was Hard To Avoid Movie Spoilers These Days… In 1982 It Was Nuts

Re-preview some of the big sci-fi and fantasy films of 1982, complete with huuuuuge spoilers.

Carlo Rambaldi, Creator Of ET, Has Died

Alasdair Stuart writes for Bleeding Cool. There are two ways to perform a magic trick. The first is to make sure you’re the center of attention, focusing the audience on you and your actions rather than the trick itself. It’s …

Limited Edition ET Blu-Ray Comes With The Most Ridiculous Packaging Yet


Win! ET Is Coming To Blu-Ray, So Win An Elliot-Style Red Hoodie

Ellllllliot. Ellllllliot.

Another Skyfall Behind The Scenes Video – And Cast Interview-Lets

It looks Entertainment Tonight were on the set of Skyfall at the same time as the BBC, or were at least given the same b-roll footage from the studio. Still, there’s new stuff too, and plenty of chat with the …

Hunger Games Behind The Scenes Clip Shows Katniss And Peeta In Action, On Show

There’s no new in-film footage in this clip from behind the scenes of The Hunger Games but you’ll see the filming of plenty of scenes that were, at least until this episode of ET aired, being kept under wraps. I’m …

From The Set Of The Avengers – With Bits Of New Movie Footage

From last night’s ET, here’s what little Avengers content they offered. You’ll see the stars making ET-friendly banter, and some clips from the new trailer that we’ll be getting later on today.

Snow White And The Huntsman Video In Better Quality

A few stories back I ran a video somebody made by pointing their camera at their TV set. Now, I can cut out the middle man, as the same video from the same TV show has turned up on YouTube …