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Sylvester Stallone Has Chosen A “New Blood” Director For The Next Expendables

Forget that Mel Gibson question of a couple of weeks back. Dropkick those John Woo rumours.

When Bleeding Cool Met James McAvoy And Talked About Welcome To The Punch, X-Men And Filth

One of Britain’s bona fide movie stars on three of his big roles for this year.

If James McAvoy And Mark Strong Reteam For A Welcome To The Punch Sequel, Here’s What It Would Be

Welcome to the Punch is a glossy, shiny UK-set and produced action film with James McAvoy, Mark Strong and far more shooting and scrapping than British cinema can usually be bothered with.

James McAvoy, Andrea Riseborough And Co. In First Clip From Welcome To The Punch

This clip from Eran Creevy’s London cop thriller Welcome to the Punch showcases some of the extraordinary cast and hints – just a little – at the stylised cinematography.

James McAvoy And Mark Strong Star In New Trailer For Brit Action Thriller Welcome To The Punch

See the world through blue-tinted shades.