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Air New Zealand Has Created The Most Epic Safety Movie Ever

Air New Zealand knows what is making some tourists travel to their home country and they’ve decided to capitalize on it. In their four and a half minute safety video they have appearances by Elijah Wood, Peter Jackson, Sylvester McCoy …

Trailer For Elijah Wood’s Bizarre Classical Music Themed Thriller Grand Piano

What is this, a not-so-satirical take on what it’s like to have Asian parents?

First Trailer For Grand Piano – Rather Offbeat Thriller With Elijah Wood And John Cusack

Has a lot of the feeling of a Dario Argento movie with a little Brian De Palma for good measure.

First Trailer For Nacho Vigalondo’s All-On-A-Computer-Screen Thriller, Open Windows

And, as a bonus, an entire short film that exploits some of the same ideas.

Peter Panzerfaust Casts Elijah Wood And Summer Glau As Its Motion Comics Peter And Wendy

While we await casting news, or really any news at all, on the TV version of Peter Panzerfaust, Image have pressed ahead and added some talent to their motion comics version.

Ten Minutes And A Sudden First Kill From The Maniac Remake With Elijah Wood

An attempt to make the audience complicit in a Maniac’s rampage.

Open Windows Is A Real-Time Cyber Thriller With Elijah Wood, Sasha Gray And A Humdinger Premise

From Nacho Vigalondo, the director of Timecrimes.

Pint-Sized Zombie Movie Cooties Gets Elijah Wood In Front And Behind Camera

Because there aren’t enough movies about pint sized Zombies.

Watch! An Entire Chapter Of Tron: Uprising – Beck’s Beginning

Here’s the first full episode of Disney XD’s Tron series, Uprising. It begins with a zippy recap of the original movie, and then gets on to setting up its own set of characters. At the forefront of these is Beck, …

Tron Uprising, Ultimate Spider-Man And More In New Disney XD Promo

As screened on Disney XD, and then uploaded to YouTube lickety split, this new promo clip is designed to announce some of the shows set for the Network in 2012. Tron Uprising and Ultimate Spider-Man would be those with some …

Max Landis’ New Film Is A Discussion Of The Death And Return Of Superman

I pretty much slept through Superman’s death in 1992, but I’ve heard that it was rather big news and it certainly continued to make waves for some time afterwards. It seemed to be pretty early in the ongoing wave of …

Union Hijack – Hobbit Filming Coming To The UK… But Why?

Here’s another Brit-centric story, to mark Independence Day. It looks like some filming on The Hobbit will take place in the UK. Elijah Wood was speaking to Vulture about his appearance in the film, and they asked when he’d be …

Here’s What Elijah Wood Will Be Doing In The Hobbit

Consider this a SPOILER, even for folks who have read The Hobbit, and proceed with all due caution. It seems more and more that the claims of Elijah Wood having a role in The Hobbit movies are absolutely true. Worried …

Rumourous Growths: Both Anna Faris And Pink Replacing Brittany Murphy For Happy Feet 2

Buzz is exploding around Pink’s fan circles (in which I do not move, but it seems a handful of Little Bleeders do) that the crop-mopped pop star will be providing the singing voice of Gloria in George Miller’s Happy Feet …