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Spawn #225 Gives You The Election You Actually Wanted (SPOILERS)

Yes I know Spawn has a reputation for being a late comic, but this was originally timed to come out on the day after the Presidential Election. The votes may not have been counted, there could have been a legal challenges, …

VOTE MODOK 2012 – Afterwards, They Will Explode

The latest, greatest from Patrik Willems;

Video: Mr. Burns Endorses Mitt Romney, Tries To Make Dog Do Same

And he has binders of women, of course.

That Presidential Debate In Comic Creator Tweets

In this day and age how is there such a thing as a voter who hasn’t made up their fucking mind — Bryan Lee O’Malley (@radiomaru) October 4, 2012   Ann Romney and Michelle Obama just air kissed… This debate …

Celebrating The Career Of Paul Ryan. In Comics.

Yesterday, it was announced that Mitt Romney had chosen US Representative Paul Ryan to be his running mate for the 2012 Presidential Elections for the United States Of America. Which instantly destroyed any chance of Paul Ryan, comic book artist, …