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The Midnight Beast Wants A Word…

There is, apparently, a sitcom on E4 called The Midnight Beast. I have never heard of it. It’s probably for young folk. But they did send this trailer in, addressed by the cast, to Bleeding Cool readers. That’s you lot. …

From Time Travel To Parallel Dimensions – Jamie Mathieson’s ALT

One of my favourite screen outpourings of time travel of late has been Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel with Chris O’Dowd which rather showed up the more recent Richard Curtis time travel film, About Time as being, well, a little …

So Is Misfits Now A Part Of The Marvel Studios Universe? (SHIELD SPOILERS)

In this week’s Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D….

Agents Of SHIELD Returns In The US This Week… But Not The UK

Tonight, the Agents of SHIELD returns to ABC with a key episode and viewers will finally find out how Coulson came back from the dead (or not).

Misfits Gives Us A “Five Years Later” For Its Final Episode

“Are you telling me the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles never killed some ignorant fucker for dropping litter or shitting in the street?” “No, they didn’t. Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatallo or Raphael would never have done any of those things, they lived …

Talking To Misfits Matt Stokoe, Karla Crome And Nathan McMullen About The End Of Community Service

Two nights ago, at 10pm, the final fifth series of Misfits began on E4. It comes to the US on Hulu at the end of the month. Benjie Goodhart talked to the cast for Bleeding Cool; Over the last four …

Extended Trailer And Episode Blurbs For The Final Season Of Misfits

These will be the final eight episodes and take place some twelve months after the storm that got everything going in the first place. Could its effects about to expire?

The End Of Misfits Begins Next Month

Misfits series five is on its way, at the end of October. And thankfully, the cast haven’t been ransacked by The Hobbit, Game Of Thrones and the like. Eight hour long episodes… but they are the last ones. I was …

Misfits Renewed For A Fifth Series

Misfits has had a somewhat troubled fourth series this year, with al the original cast now leaving. But recent episodes seem to have picked up rather nicely. I went to see the premiere of a new Channel 4 series last …

Howard Overman Has Written His Misfits Feature Film Screenplay

To feature the return of classic characters.

Yeah, How About That Misfits Series Four Episode Four Ending, Eh? SPOILERS!

Blimey. DId you see that coming? I didn’t see that coming. Like Rudy said, I wanted someone to “manufacture a happy ending”. But this is Misfits and we never get to have that, do we?

The Massive Spoiler At The Heart Of Misfits Season 4

There’s a very twisted surprise hiding in the new series of Misfits.

Misfits Series 4 Starts On Sunday October 28th At 10PM

And here’s the Get Glue sticker to prove it.

Lauren Socha Not Back For More Misfits, Producers Deny That Her Recent Conviction Is To Blame

Convicted this week for racial assault, Lauren Socha won’t be back for more Misfits.

Misfits Getting Three New Characters, Here’s What We Know About Them

Would be young offender super powered types, you better move fast. There are going to be at least three new main characters in the next series of Misfits, and the show’s casting directors are currently accepting applications. But the closing …

Simon And Alisha Won’t Return In Misfits Series Four

Warning. There are Spoilers for  Misfits to follow. It has just started on Hulu.com in the USA, so many Americans are still to catch up. To that end, I’m going to write a paragraph to keep this off the front …

Five Thoughts About Misfits 3.8 – The Snake Eats Its Own Tail

Tonight saw the final episode of this year’s Misfits air on E4 in the UK. It still has to be scheduled in the US. I hope the success of the first two series on Hulu, and it’s planned remake won’t …

Seven Thoughts About Misfits #3.6 And Misfits: Erazer

Sunday night, another great episode, and only one episode left. Where has the time gone? Well at least we get a whole Misfits episode and a little extra on the side. Those Orange Suits Are There For A Reason “They …