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Holy Hall H, Batman! Adam West, Burt Ward And Julie Newmar To Show Off The Remastered TV Show At San Diego

Warner Bros will officially unveil the details the November 2014 release of the incredblly-long-awaited Batman: The Complete Television Series on Blu-Ray and DVD at San Diego Comic Con. The panel, held in Hall H on ¬†Thursday, July 24th, will feature¬†Adam …

No Marvel One Shot On The Captain America: Winter Soldier Release

Though most people still seem to stand out and mill about in the way of the screen, many of us have now been successfully trained to expect a post-credits sequence from a Marvel movie. It was getting that way with …

Now Is The Time To Buy Some Criterion Collection Bargains

Criterion discs can cost a little bit, but when they go on sale like this, they’re hard to resist.

Now Is The Time To Buy The Complete Smallville On DVD

62 discs and some “Collector’s Edition” bits and pieces.

Win The Entire Batman: The Animated Series On DVD

Are you a big fan of Batman: The Animated Series but haven’t has a chance to pick them up on DVD? Maybe you have a friend who is just getting into comics and you want to wow them with one …

Video: How Criterion Remaster Movies For Their Releases

Once upon a time, the use of an automated digital processes in remastering was frowned on but software has gotten better and attitudes have softened.

Yonderland, A British TV Series To Utterly Fall In Love With

You may have seen me express my love for the Children’s BBC show Horrible Histories on Bleeding Cool before. Well that show that educated both myself and my children about the everyday Tudor use for excrement and won every award …

Now Is The Time To Buy The Complete Series Of Seinfeld On DVD

Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David always said their show was about nothing but I think, really, that they knew it was actually about everything.

Exclusive Video: Exploring Truth And Drama In The TV Series Vikings With Its Creator, Michael Hirst

Connecting today’s audiences to the truth of Viking life.

While There’s A Premiere For Justice League War, Another Justice League Animated DVD Sneaks Out Through Target

So while everyone is braving the snow for the New York premier of Justice League: War tonight, there’s another war going on. The release of Justice League Adventures: Trapped In Time, a brand new animated feature on DVD and exclusive …

Thor: The Dark World Blu-Ray To Include All Hail The King Short Film And Several Deleted Scenes

With or without Ben Kingsley? Hmmm. I’m guessing “without.”

A List Of Recent-ish British TV On DVD And Stuff For Bleeding Cool’s Boss

I do this list for William Christensen every year or so. Basically stuff that’s been on TV that’s either out on DVD over the past year or two, that’s unlikely to be released in widely the USA, that I quite …

Now Is The Time To Buy Six Feet Under And Big Love

Two HBO box-sets at a reduced price for one day only.

Jaime Murray On Fright Night, The Countess Bathory And The Appeal Of Vampire Myths

Fright Night Part 2 might be The New Blood but its heart beats to a rhythm that has echoed down the decades.

Preview Joss Whedon’s Predictably Witty And Informative Commentary For Much Ado About Nothing

His commentaries are always interesting and hypnotic at once. I almost wish he recorded tracks like this for films that aren’t his own.

Low Winter Sun On DVD In A Month – But Only In The UK Where Few Have Heard Of It

Low Winter Sun is the AMC adaptation of the Channel 4 British two part crime thriller mini-series of the same name from seven years ago.

This Dredd Day Of Action Isn’t Going To Get The Film A Sequel But There Are Other Reasons It’s A Nice Idea

Nothing you do is going to get a Dredd sequel greenlighted. These films just cost too much money to not have some degree of crossover success. Dredd didn’t have crossover appeal and sequelising it isn’t going to work.

Not-So Mystery Box – Even The Blu-Ray Cover For Star Trek Into Darkness Blows It

This Blu-ray case could honestly be argued to be as big a botch as the “special features situation” also dogging the release.